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(This message is part of what I believe our Lord is speaking to us at this time.)

I have been talking about listening to My voice through my servants for many years.  All of the greatest men and women in My Kingdom knew My voice and followed My leading.  In fact, those who performed the mightiest works of My Spirit did so trough simply doing what I commanded them to do at the time I spoke it.

Recently, a person brought up the point of, “well, if God leads and guides us in all things, what about Auschwitz?”   “Why didn’t God spare those people from all that pain and agony?”

People often times suffer, not because it is My will, but because of the consequences of generations of sin that has led them to a place where evil occurs and there is no one to deliver.  Also, you would be surprised how many times I have warned people to flee but they did not obey My voice and suffered needlessly.  I warn far ahead of calamity and people tend to look at their present circumstances rather than what I see in the future.  Many have a misconception that if I talk they will recognize My voice and do what I say, however, this is not often the case.  Most, whom I talk to, dismiss what I say believing in their own wisdom rather than mine.

There are two ways that I deliver my people.  The first is that I keep them from the hour of tribulation.  That is, I move them away from the coming storm if they will listen to my warnings. I did with My son when I led Joseph and Mary to sojourn in Egypt for a time. The second way that I deliver my people is that I keep them in the midst of tribulation and they, against all odds, survive while others perish. Much of the time my people will not heed my warnings and so I give them grace to endure the judgement that I send upon others. Remember, if their had been 10 righteous in Sodom I would have spared all for their sake.

When I am about to judge a nation I also warm my people through my seers.  I also give signs that point to what I am about to do so that the people, if they hear what I say, can change their ways.  Nineveh was a prime example of My mercy even when I had determine to destroy that city. When a person or nation truly humbles themselves it is My pleasure to forgive.

When my cup of wrath for a people or nation is full it may seem like sudden destruction comes upon them but that is not the case.  I Am a patient and merciful Lord who delights in repentance so that I may save.  My people lived in Egypt for 400 years while the cup of the Canaanite nations filled and not until it was full did I drive them out before the Children of Israel.

My people, because they listen to their own minds, often do not understand my long suffering and slowness to wrath.  Without my Holy Spirit illuminating their understanding they do not understand why I give such a long time for people to chose between doing what is right in their own eyes and My will.  I am long suffering simply because after men are cut from the loom of this life their fate is set: those who chose to follow Me receive everlasting life and those who chose to follow Satan receive everlasting condemnation in the Lake of Fire.  Natural minded men and women lack the ability to comprehend eternity but I dwell in that place and I understand what forever is, therefore, I am slow to anger and give all grace and time to chose life.

Many see the horrors that Satan has brought upon my creation and look to me as if I am the cause of this pain.  At the very least you believe that I should somehow prevent such evil.  The truth is that I gave you free will to choose what was right in my sight and you, through your ancestors until this very day, chose to leave your first estate and choose to do evil in My sight.  You, as a race, kept choosing to follow your own imaginations and were, frankly, easy prey for fallen Lucifer.  Eventually, even though I bore long with you, the end of all flesh came before me.   I saw that your thoughts were continuously evil and you had turned my creation into something that I regretted.

I Am God, though, and I always accomplish what I determine to do and so, for My names sake, I saved 8 souls and told them to again to forth, be fruitful, and multiply.  I washed the entire world clean of sin and began again to bring forth my will upon earth as it is in haven.

What took place in Germany and the persecution of My people (along with many others) was a foreshadowing of the man of sin, the Antichrist, who is to come.  I did not wish for any of those tragic events to take place but men, driven by their own lusts over many generations brought about those awful events.

In the coming tribulation there will be those who are kept “out” of that time of sorrows and those who I keep “in” those times of sorrows.  It is my will that all be kept out of that great tribulation but, as in times past, only a few will head My voice and be ready way of escape presents itself.  Though great upheavals seem so terrible, and indeed they are, you would be surprised to know how many have come to know Me in such circumstances.  Often, what the Devil tries to use to destroy men and women’s lives I turn around for an occasion to save their very souls forever.

It was never My will that any suffer in Auschwitz.  Auschwitz was the result of the sins of many generations of those who chose to do evil in My sight.  When I warn people of the consequences of their error, but they steadfastly refuse to hear My voice, then they must face what they have bought with the wages of their sin.  When the souls of all men stand before Me at the last judgement and the books are opened no one will say to Me that they did not have the opportunity to accept My son by shadow or by gospel. No one will be able to say that I did not try to warn, try to save, or do My best to deliver.

When My people cried, “crucify him!” and caused my son to be hung upon a tree, it cut my heart so deeply that I would have destroyed the entire world in my wrath had not My only begotten son asked me to “forgive them, fore they know not what they do.”  As my son died upon the cross I could not bear to look and hid My face until it was finished. Since that time, Israel, except for those who accepted Jesus as their lord and savior, has been cut off and they are not My people.  Since that time I have given the children of Israel over to Satan to sift for when they rejected My son they rejected Me.  When you see the Jewish nation persecuted you are witnessing a people whom I have rejected and whom I do not hear when they call.

Soon, I will again graft the nation of Israel back into the root of David and they shall again be My people.  I owe that much to Abraham because of my covenant with him.  However, as long as my people will not hear my voice, which is Christ Jesus, they will continue to suffer.

Whether you are kept out of tribulation or are preserved through tribulation you must hear My voice and do My will.  My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts.  You must trust what I say and reject what seems right to your own mind. Only in this way can you stand on the shores of my new creation and sing a new song to Me.