Sometimes I Weep For Joy



Jesus CultureEvery once in a while I catch a fleeting glimpse of heaven. It is almost like on the peripheral of my spiritual vision. The glory of that place, the overwhelming joy of loving our King, the finality of being home forever is simply too much. I weep for joy.

Sometimes, I see the true goodness of my Father who is so compassionate when He does not have to be. Why, how, are we blessed with such a God who by His very nature is love?

I remember, one day I was jogging on a country road. I was coming to the end of my run and I saw a person I knew getting into a car. Suddenly, out of my mouth with a loud voice I said, “THERE IS NOTHING, NOTHING WORTH GIVING UP HEAVEN FOR!” I don’t know why I said that to this very day. It must have scared him half to death. I don’t know but I truly believe that.

What lays ahead of us is so awesome, so utterly and eternally fulfilling that only forever will give us enough time to express our gratitude.



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