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Make No Mistake About It: This Is Not Your Momma’s Revival

God has given us the Old Testament and the New Testament to form the foundation upon which we build our faith.  Our Father says, “I AM the Lord they God, I change not.”  Therefore, the word that He has spoken does not change either.  However, though the word of God does not change our understanding of it often develops and expands over time.  Why is this so?  It is because we still look through a glass darkly and our understanding is imperfect.  As God reveals more of Himself our knowledge of whom He is and What He thinks matures and becomes ever more complete.


We assume too much


Sometimes you may hear people say, “God’s word says it, I believe it, and that settles it.”  Unfortunately, because what we believe about God’s word is imperfect we make assumptions that are not correct and thus what we believe is only an approximation of His truth.  Thankfully, this is why our Father gave us another Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, who desires to lead and guide us into all truth.  When we lack wisdom or understanding we can simply ask the Holy Spirit and He will help us see things God’s way.  Standing upon the word of God is good but we must always remain open to correction by our Father so that He can help us mature and know Him better.


God still speaks today


What many people do not fully realize is that we are currently living in a “Present Testament.”  Just as holy men of God, in times past, spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost so too holy men of God, in times present, are speaking God’s word as they are moved by His Holy Spirit.  This present day revelation of God is a “Present Testament” of what God is speaking to His church.  As holy men of God speak as the Spirit moves them these current revelations build upon and expand our understanding of the scriptures allowing God to speak directly to His people into our present age.


We can’t love properly on our own


Traditionally, Christians are taught to love one another and are encouraged to practice agape (self sacrificial love) towards everyone.  Hearing these scriptures we all try to practice them to the best of our ability but nevertheless many fall short of living this ideal.  Still, we each desire a true love that bears all things, hopes all things and believes all things.  We yearn for a love that never fails.  We know from the Bible that this type of love exists but few of us ever experience it.  For many the closest we ever come to tasting such love is during the courtship of our spouses or through the love we feel towards our children.  We find it hard to love those outside our family with the type of unselfish and self sacrificial love that Christ commands us to have.

Here is a central truth,

“True love, the type of love the Christ showed to others and commands us to have is a spiritual experience.  We must be given this love, it not something we can produce ourselves.”

Truly, the only love is from above. Divine love is the love of God shed abroad in our hearts through a profound spiritual experience He gives us when we seek it. Just as there is a Salvation experience, just like there is the Pentecostal experience, so to there is a Tabernacle experience. The essence of the Tabernacle experience is to be filled with divine love from our Father and it completes the work that God started in our hearts when we experienced salvation.  Born of love we, through being filled with God’s Spirit, will become manifestations of His heart to a lost and hurting world and complete the work that Jesus began.


Love of the Spirit


What we all seek and what the church as a whole desperately needs is to experience the “love of the Spirit” from our Father. Only as we receive our Father’s love can we understand how to love others. While earthly love, at some point, always fails God’s love never does.  When the love of God fills us He allows us to see with His eyes and feel with His heart so that loving each other unconditionally is as easy as speaking in other tongues. Just as we yield our tongues to God as the Spirit gives the utterance so to we yield our hearts to God as His Spirit loves through us.  Allowing divine love to flow through you is effortless, complete, and satisfying in a way that brings us back into harmony with our Father, ourselves, and those around us.


God’s love breaks every chain


Love is the only force strong enough to break down the barriers that keep us apart. It is an experience we must ask for just like we asked to be saved and asked to be Spirit filled. We cannot fully understand it for it is a foretaste of the type of love that exists in a perfect place, the New Heavens and New Earth, which God is creating. In fact, it is the first love, the agape that existed in the Garden of Eden between God and mankind and which God intends to restore in New Jerusalem.


The only thing we really lack is love


The fact of the matter is that there is no lack of resources for any need within the Body of Christ only a lack of love. We can only wear one set of clothes at a time, drive one vehicle at a time, and eat one meal at a time.  Unfortunately, life has taught us to hoard our wealth to protect ourselves and those we care about from want. We have learned through painful experience that, in general, we cannot depend on others to help in our time of need and so we continually gather dust around us in order to feel some sense of security. Thus the resources that God needs to care for and nourish His Body are not available for use as He sees fit.

Through yielding to divine love we will form bonds of affection towards each other as God connects us.  These love bonds within the Body of Christ will be so strong and so trusting that we will no longer feel the need to store up treasure on Earth. We will find security in the divine relationships that God forges between us and when our brother asks for our coat we will gladly offer our shirt also. When a sister in Christ lacks a car, seeing that we have two, we will offer one.


No one will lack anything amongst us


No one will ever hunger within our congregations because the strong bond of love between us will allow the Holy Spirit to make us sensitive to their needs and no matter what time of night it is, even if we are asleep with our children, we will gladly get up to give them bread. No one will be sick among us and no one will sleep prematurely because our spirits will be so open to those around us we will immediately discern that they need prayer and God will flow through us in love and heal them. In fact, the love of God flowing through us, which is in fact God Himself, will meet any and all needs of His people without reserve, without reproach, and without concern for what others may think.


Divine Love is a gift from God


In order to receive the Tabernacle experience of divine love you must first realize it’s a gift God wants to give you.  Secondly you must ask for it just like you asked to be saved.  Seek it just like you sought to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Thirdly, by faith, when you feel the love of God start to flow you must yield to Him and do what the Holy Spirit in you wants to do.  This can be as simple as saying a kind word to someone or giving them a hug.  It can be as dramatic as calling someone up in the middle of the night because the Spirit in you is telling you that they need encouragement.

The point is that when the love of God starts to flow through you it is important that you yield to His Spirit and allow Him to accomplish His will.  The more you allow God to flow in and through you the more confidence you will gain as you see the results of yielding to His love.


The love of the Spirit proceeds the unity of our faith


My friends, it is the love of the Spirit that will bring about the Unity of the faith. This is the love that will build us all up into the perfect man of Christ. We must seek this love and ask God for it. Our Father which is in heaven desires to give us good gifts and His divine love is indeed a gift that is very good.