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This is an important time says the LORD, an important time … and what is needed is freedom to let Me come forward through all My children to speak My current Rhema or words of revelation.

My children must learn how to be truly Spirit led and step outside from where they are. They are not man’s cattle they are My sheep and I am jealous over them.

This is a new time, a new time in your LORD, where the “Spirit led”step forward, the outcasts and the rejects of society and church are arising as My mighty army and the world will be blindfolded to their rising in Me, they will not expect it.

This is a new time and I the LORD will make all things new, you are joined in Spirit as My body, My ecclesia, no matter where you are, because distance and physicality is irrelevant.

Thus says the LORD I make it so, and through Me all things come into being, when I speak it becomes, Amen.

New heights, new seasons, new things, all things new, winds of change not winds of same…the zealots all chase after things of old, they do not listen to My word today. My revelation today is through the same Spirit as yesterday, as today and as tomorrow, forever I AM!

I Am angry at what the religious have done and inflicted on My children, they have a responsibility with each of My children and they have instead created a whole new set of outcasts…I the LORD will draw all these unto Me, I will bring them in, like the outcasts who cleaved unto King David, they are Mine and I am jealous over them.

Revenge is Mine sayeth the LORD and into My hands I will bring them and spew them out into the deserts to fend for themselves with the hyenas and the wolves they have become.

My Love is so great, so vast, so wide for My children, that if a hair be harmed on any of their heads, My hand will strike…I am their Father, I am their Protector

Peace, My Peace I give you, My Love draws you all together, I AM your bond

Rest in My peace and love, be still and know that I am indeed your LORD, your GOD, your Father, your shield…rest and be refreshed, restored, renewed like trees in a river.

Amen, rest.

John 14

27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

This is the Word of the Lord, for those who have ears, listen to what our Father is saying. Wake on up! Amen