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Samaritan “God expects us to take care of the need He presents us with”

People often say they do not know what God wants them to do.  However, they may be missing Gods will by looking for something really big when He is actually asking them to do something relatively easy.  Think of it this way:


“Why would God call you to do a large thing when you are not obedient in the small things?”

If God asks you to call a friend when you had planned to watch your favorite TV show what do you do?  If God asks you to hug a person whom you barely know and say to them that God loves them how do you react?  Remember: he who is faithful in little will be faithful in much.  God will not entrust you with great things that potentially have far reaching consequences if you will not do the small things that He puts before you on a daily basis. The next time God asks a little thing be faithful to follow it through exactly as He commands.  In this way you will be counted worthy of greater responsibility.

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