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This is a map of the african countries the Tabernacle Movement will focus on first.  Essentially, these are staging areas from which to train and then deploy people for the work of the ministry.


Islam is not of God


Within these African countries, Islam is perhaps the greatest challenge facing the Tabernacle movement.  The Tabernacle movement reject Islam in all its forms.  To date,  Muhammadans have proven resistant to the westernized Christianity.  While african Muslims do acknowledge Jesus as a prophet, they categorically deny that He was the Son of God.  Missionaries who minister to followers of Muhammad have little success.  In fact, Islam is gaining ground in many African countries.  History proves that once a country is under Islamic control they often restrict or forbid it christianity altogether.

There are two stumbling blocks that Christians needlessly put in the way of African Muslims.  The first and foremost is the teaching of the Trinity.  Being that Muslims are strictly monotheists this does not play well at all.


We preach and teach that God is one


We, as truth seekers should not demand that others exchange their belief in one God for a belief in three.  Unfortunately, the belief in the Trinity false and as such we should not teach it to others as gospel truth.  Trinitarianism is a perversion of who God is which prevents people from understanding His very nature.  This heresy also obscures what God’s purpose for mankind truly is.  Demanding african Muslims give up what is right in order to accept Jesus Christ is wrong.

Trinitarianism rules through fear.  People fear being ostracized by churches and other organizations if they ever state the truth about this doctrine.  Missionary groups know that if they stray away from monogamy only teach their funding will cease.    This is why the Tabernacle movement must develop independent sources of income.  Our efforts cannot depend on an apostate church that demands that we promote error for funding.


God is the God of polygamists


Western Christianity insists that polygamy is immoral and non-scriptural.  Again, like the fallacy of the Trinitarianism, they have it wrong.  Good men and women of God practice polygamy today just like many  revered men in the Old Testament did.  The proof text for the scriptural of polygamy is:

“I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”

Matthew 22:32

This scripture proves that God accepts Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in heaven with Him presently.  Historically, we know that Abraham had 2 wives, Issac had one wife, and Jacob had 4.  Therefore, these facts lead us to the inescapable conclusion that God accepts both monogamous and polygamist.


Remove the stumbling block of monogamy only from the african people


Demanding that african Muslims become monogamous stumbles many who may otherwise be open to salvation.  Western ignorance and ethnocentric vales blind many Christians to the truth of this matter.  I believe that we need to re-examine the scriptures on this subject.  It is vital that we reverse the long-standing western mindset that a man can only have one wife.

The real challenge in dealing Muslims is their insistence that Christ is not the literal son of God. Let us focus on real issues instead of false doctrines which become stumble those we wish to persuade.  If we do this, God will help us share the actual Gospel with those of Muslim  religion.  Missionaries must make the good news as accessible as possible.  Don’t add to what Jesus said and we can be successful in helping lost souls know His salvation.