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This image shows a red wine glass. The fundamental reason outpourings of the Holy Spirit crash is because our present wineskin is not supple enough to contain the new wine of the outpouring of God’s Spirit in the first place.  Thus, when our old wineskin bursts the new wine spills in various unpleasant ways.

The problem is that people who criticize what God does is that they blame the new wine for the spillage rather than realize that it is the catastrophic failure of the old wineskin that is the source of the problem.  Moreover, rather than understanding that the old wineskin is now useless many people still cling to and cherish the broken vessel that once held wine when it has already proven woefully inadequate to the task of accommodating what God wishes to do.

The theology of many churches demands that anything out of the ordinary must be rejected and vilified.  Those who hold on to what they are taught only act in accordance with their theology when they call what God does of the Devil.  Those steeped in dogma must oppose new moves of His Spirit, such as Tabernacles, because it is the only logical conclusion they can reach given the theological framework they hold as inviolate.  Just like the Pharisees of old they rejected the very God they profess to believe in because He does not come in a manner consistent with their belief system.

Here is a truth,


“When faced with a choice between what you believe and what God is obviously doing one has to make a decision: do you accept God and change your theology to fit your experience or do you reject the experience and cling to what you believe.”

According to how people handled this question they will either accepted or rejected the coming move of Tabernacles.

I am sure that right up until 70 AD the various religious institutions of Israel proclaimed that they had acted only in the best interest of their God and nation concerning the crucifixion of Christ.  However, no matter how certain they were and no matter how much they believed that that their actions were appropriate God simply did not agree.

Those who oppose the Spirit of God are basically in the same boat with those who rejected Jesus at His first coming.  People who reject the move of Tabernacles will believe they have every reason to reject what the Holy Spirit is doing citing scriptural grounds that are no more valid than what the Pharisees possessed against the Son of God in the first century.

A evil and adulterous generation said show us a sign and Jesus did.  Those who oppose the moving of God’s Spirit say show us scripture and people have.  In either case those who opposed God were not convinced because their minds were set like flint and their foreheads were and are as hard as brass.  Even the Son of God could not convince the leadership of His own people for they clung to their theology rather than God because their theology had become their God.

As it was then so it is now.

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