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Some time ago I was in a Spirit filled church during service.  I had driven all the way from southern Utah to California to hear a man speak about the next move of God.  Everyone in the congregation was asked to pray before the service and as I spoke in other tongues a lady behind me would just about double over each time His Spirit gave me the utterance.  After service, the lady came up to me and told me that when I would speak in tongues she would feel it in her belly.  She related how she had just returned from attending the Brownsville revival in Florida.  I could sense the Holy Spirit in  her and saw God looking back at me through her eyes.

God is more than the Bible


What I am about to say is more “observational” than strictly “scriptural.”  That is to say that there is no single scripture or set of scriptures that lay out this teaching.  However, and this is something I am trying to clarify to those who read my writings, not everything that God has done or can do is enumerated specifically in the scriptures.  In fact, many times, it is only through experiencing God and how He actually works in real life that the scriptures become clear to us.

For instance, people who do know know Jesus have a difficult time understanding what the salvation experience is…but those who have experienced it do.  Those who have never spoken in other tongues sometimes have difficulty understanding that experience…but those who speak in other tongues do.  Those who have never felt the Tabernacles experience may have a difficult time understanding Divine Love…but those who have experienced God’s love in that powerful way do.


So with that in mind…


It is written,

“He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”

John 7:38

Jesus said this because our bellies are where our spirit is physically located.  When God fills us with His Spirit, He does not fill our heads but our bellies.

Christianity cannot be lived from our heads but rather should be lived from our bellies.  People who only practice intellectual Christianity fail to allow the Holy Spirit to control their lives.  Jesus did not say that rivers of living waters would flow from our heads but from our bellies.


It’s all about our belly


Procreation centers in our mid-drift because that is where our spirits are located.  Babies are conceived in the womb through a uniting of not only two fleshes, but also two spirits.  Our brains are what our soul and spirit use to navigate this creation but they do not create anything eternal: only our spirits do.  This is why the lady standing in back of me during prayer time doubled over;  it was because her spirit, located in her belly, was sensitive to the Holy Spirit in me.

The fact of the matter is that head knowledge alone does not satisfy.  I know a lot about many different aspects of Christianity, but with all the knowledge I have I still would rather be in His presence and connect spiritually with my brothers and sisters more than anything else.  I do not despise Bible knowledge, I have spent a good portion of my life learning God’s word, but I do not live my Christian walk from my head but rather from my belly.  I allow the Holy Spirit to led and guide me into all truth and I do not permit my head (as much as I can anyway) to prevent the Holy Spirit from doing anything.


Going straight for the Spirit


I want to bypass your head and know your soul and spirit.  That is where God dwells and that is Who I want to meet through you.  Each of us has a unique ability to reveal God in a way that no one else can.  Like facets of a diamond we reflect God’s light in our own special way.  The fusion of God and man is what the virgin birth was all about and that happened in the womb of Mary because that is where her spirit was.  Likewise, the new creation that we are becoming is flowing from our bellies by His Spirit for that is where the life of God is.

The things of God cannot be understood by our natural man because they are foolishness to him.  However, those who are led by His Spirit discern all things and can know the deep things of our Father.  Allow your spirit to grasp what I have said and rule over your soul and intellect so that we all might become one In Him.