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Mike4 (2)Here is a truth,


“The Tabernacle Blessing is not something you can intellectually understand from a distance, you have to hold it, taste it, experience it.”


Knowing God is a total experience that is visceral.  It is like being in front of speakers at a rock concert: you literally feel the music flowing through your body.

God is reality.  God is what truly is. God is something we cannot live without.  God is a positive addiction.

You can not be an observer and ever know God.  You cannot stand on the shores of this world and feel the waters of life.  You must jump in and immerse yourself in His presence.

Knowledge is dust.  Intellect is feeble.  We must join with His Spirit so that we know Him through becoming one with Him.

God is our home.  God is where we truly live.  Our Father is who we were created for and nothing on this planet can satisfy our need for Him. Here is a truth,


“The Tabernacle Blessing is NOT theology.  The final feast is God manifest in and through our flesh.  You cannot know it without being baptized in it.”


Recently, I have come to understand, that as much as Divine Love makes sense to me it does not make sense to many who read the words I write.  I have been to the promised land of the Tabernacle Experience, and even though I could not stay, I tasted it for a time.  Trying to explain Tabernacles is as challanging as describing the promised land to someone born during Israel’s forty years in the wilderness.  There is simply no frame of reference.  Anything they can imagine just does not do justice to the reality of the actually being there.

I wish I could take every one who reads this and show them exactly what I am talking about.  In truth it is better felt than telt.  I think only God can illuminate this blessing to peoples hearts and souls. Individuals need to feel the Divine Love of God flow through them in order to understand it.

I remember speaking at a church one Sunday and, when I asked if anyone wanted the experience that I talked about, a young man suddenly jumped out of his pew and ran to the front of the church to be prayed for.  He got so excited to receive his blessing that he literally sprinted for God.  That was God working in his heart and soul through the words that flowed through me that morning.

So, I perceive that this revelation has to be spoken so that people can not only hear with their ears but feel with their hearts and spirits. It is written,

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Matthew 18:20

Truthfully, the written word on this site is more of my spiritual “note” pad then anything else.  It has been a way for me to download and organize the things that God has showed me throughout the last 30 years. I think, perhaps, it has been preparation for something more. However, just as the worlds were spoken into existence so too the re-institution of the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles must be spoken into the hearts of men and women.

It is time to speak forth the Tabernacle Blessing.

God bless,