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Breaking Bread

I have been talking with others about how to best “distribute” the final feast.  Right now, it’s all on one big banquet table which, I have been told, is a bit overwhelming. I mean, truthfully, where does one begin?  Even dividing it into sub-sections still presents so much choice that it can be confusing.

What we have been talking with others about is the concept of “breaking bread.” That is, passing around the final feast so that each person can “break of” a piece of it.  Or, we can break off pieces of it ourselves and give to others so that they will nourished and satisfied.

I have felt that there needs to be a “firm foundation” upon which to build this movement. Building a theological foundations is what this website is about.  It has to be solid because eventually people are going to dig into the roots of Tabernacle theology to prove whether or not these things are true.  So as radical and Antimonian as this theology my appear to be at first glace it is actually solidly based in both Old Testament and New Testament scripture.

One of the difficulties I face is that I am a theologian by education and so what seems common to me is often times more unfamiliar to others. Our object is not just to have pretty theology but to actually get the truths of the Tabernacle movement into the hands others in a usable form so that it will edify Christ’s body.

On for the core concepts I want to stress is that as we break the Final Feast into bite sized portions we do not over-control the message is used. Just as it would feel silly to instruct a person how to chew each bite of food you hand them, likewise we must strive to be “under-controlling” of how people use these teachings. Think of the tabernacle theology as merely a starting point, a match if you will, to strike up a flame. Once the fire is lit we must allow it to burn as it finds fuel in peoples hearts. Tabernacle Theology will morph as we come into greater understanding of His word.  Here is a fundamental principle of the Final Feast.


“God created the church, therefore He is the best One to lead it.


We are not controllers, we are facilitators.  We do not believe in creeds, we believe that the Holy Spirit will led and guide each one of us into all truth.  We will not demand that you join because, In Him, we are already one.  We advise, we do not command. We exhort and encourage and do not judge and shun. We are not doctrine led but Spirit led. Therefore, each and every individual needs to be taught and encouraged to stand before God themselves.  While we will maintain what we feel is “sound doctrine” yet we will not demand, coerce, or cajole others to believe as we do.  It is a core tenant of our our theology that as we all become one with God that we will naturally find consensus through His Spirit. Therefore, until we do become one with God we recognize that there will be differences of opinion.  What remains vital, at this point, is to allow ourselves to connect with one another on the basis of love of the Spirit.

Historically, the restoration of any of any of the three feasts in the New Testament church age has been a time of great uncertainly and confusion. Jesus was tried in the night and his disciples scattered. Mid evil Europe was literally plunged in religious wars because of 99 thesis nailed on a church door by Martin Luther.  People supposed the the apostles and those who received the gift of the Holy Spirit were drunk. The Azusa Street revival was sometimes very disorganized but it spread over the entire earth in its own organic way.  The restoration of the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles will follow this pattern.

In conclusion,  we are providing the tinder to anyone and everyone who desires to use it. Build your own fires as you see fit.  Warm up with God as He leads.  Become one with our Father and we will be one with you.  It is an exciting time and we look forward to seeing how God reveals Himself in you!


Michael King