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English: Noah's sacrifice
It is written in Genesis 6:13,14,

“And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth. Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch.”

There was a day, much like any other day, when the sun rose in the east and chased away the shadows of the night. Noah, a man found to be perfect in his generation, woke much as He had done every morning for the last five hundred years. Today, however, was different for God spoke to Noah and commanded Him to build an ark. Through Noah God determined to save all those who would hear His voice along with some of the animals He had created.

What I wish to talk about today is that there are two parts to building an ark. First, you must hear God and receive His instructions. Secondly, you must believe God and actually do what He commands. When God spoke to Noah it probably took a few minutes or a few hours, but certainly not more than a day. God revealed His plan to save mankind from the destruction that would surely come. The creator of the heavens and earth, instructed Noah on how to fashion the instrument of our salvation. While it was surprising and perhaps even terrifying to hear God say “the end of all flesh has come before me” nothing, in the natural realm, really changed that day.

The second part of building an ark, or doing anything else in God for that matter, is to actually do what God says. This is often times a lot harder to accomplish than hearing His voice. The Bible states that Noah was five hundred years old at the time he heard God speak, and was six hundred years old when he entered the finished ark. For one hundred years Noah obeyed Gods voice and built the ark according to the vision God gave him. There comes a time when, after hearing the voice of God, we must also do the voice of God. We cannot neglect to act out our faith. If we fail to do so, not only we but many others around us, may suffer the consequences of our unbelief. What God required of Noah was to simply put action to the revelation he was given and in doing so, Noah became the instrument of mankind’s salvation.

Moreover, God did not speak to Noah again until he had finished building the ark one hundred years later. Once God gives you a command, He may not speak to you again until you have obeyed it. However long it takes you to actually carry out His will, in any given area, may determine when you will hear His voice again. Some people say that they never hear God, but many times that is not entirely true. In the past they have heard God very clearly, but have failed to obey Him and so He has not spoken to then since. Here is a truth,

“There is no need to command a second thing if the first commandment is not obeyed”

If you have not heard the voice of God in a long time, search your heart and your memories asking yourself if God did speak a word that you have failed to carry out. If that is so, simply doing what God originally said may cause Him to speak again when you have finished your assigned task.

During the building of the ark there was a time where mankind could have repented. Noah was called a ‘Preacher of Righteousness’ and so we understand that the message of God, through the ark, was spoken to the people. I ask you, each one of you that reads these words, is there an ark in your life testifying of things to come? Are you realizing what it means and are you hearing the message that God is speaking from His prophets? or are you eating, drinking, and carrying on with your life as though nothing will ever change? There comes a day when God says to close up the ark and its prophecy is fulfilled whether or not others believe. For seven days the ark was shut, for seven days Noah and his family might have been mocked and derided by those who may have initially felt a twinge of fear when the door closed. Though those outside the ark did not know it, the silence before the storm had set in and all was ready for Gods Word to come to pass.

Brethren, the day is fast approaching when God will shut the door to this generation. There will be a division made between those who hear and those who jeer. Where are you going to be when the door shuts? Will you be inside the will of God or outside with the unbelievers? Will you have obeyed Gods voice and acted out His will? or will you have wasted you life doing everyday things without regard for the times and seasons? God does not speak without purpose and if you have heard the voice of God but failed to obey you may be lost. At that day it will be over, the door will be shut, and your fate will be sealed.

There is still time while the ark is being built, to hear the messages that God is speaking to you and others of this generation. If we have ears to hear what God is saying we too can pick up our tools and build that which God is laying upon our hearts. No matter how evil this world becomes we can be ‘Preachers of Righteousness’, not only in word, but also in deeds. What we do is sometimes a more powerful witness to the lost than what we speak. Actions often speak louder than words, and know that Love is a doing word, an action. Ultimately, a lot depends upon our simple obedience to the Word that God speaks to us. Let us hear God and do the will of our Father, not only for ourselves but for our families and ultimately the whole world.