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Dear Connections,

I have been thinking about the remnants of Community Chapel & Bible Training Center and this is the conclusion I have come too.  The elders side was completely wrong and in rebellion to God Himself.  None of the people I have spoken with from the Elders side seemed to have progressed from that spot where they decided to attack what God did.  In fact, many of them have become ravenous wolves.

The pastor’s side was, and for the most part is, a different matter.  These people held on to the truth of Spiritual Connections and Divine Love (Which they call agape love).  This is commendable.  I have spoken with a few former members and recognize the Spirit of God in them.


People camped, even in the midst of a Tabernacles revival


However, and this is the problem that has not resolved itself from the move of God at Chapel, many do not acknowledge or accept that sometimes Divine Love results in Divine Divorce.  From what I have heard, Don Barnett never acknowledged the fact the Barbara divorced him.  This led, as far as I know, to the members of the Church of Agape, believing that spiritual connections were permissible, but divorce was not.  Don Barnett forbade members of the Church of Agape to divorce and marry their connections. In effect, Don camped and refused to move another inch.


Resist putting our hand to the Ark of God


I believe this was and is a grave error.  To the very end, even those who accepted the move of Spiritual connections, did not accept it all the way.  They tried to control what God did rather than facilitate what He wanted.  Eventually Don Barnett lost everything because, according to some reports, as soon as he became incapacitated through illness, the church left the teaching of Spiritual Connections and forbade it.

Now, almost everything that Community Chapel & Bible Training Center tried to birth is dissipating and almost nothing of that fantastic move of the Spirit remains.  I see a people that have camped.  I ask the remnant that still believe, “what did resisting the Holy Spirit in any aspect of the move of God benefit anyone?”  In retrospect, simply allowing God to move as He wanted and adopting a hands-off approach would have been preferable to most of what took place.


I can’t believe that we, of all people, have made camp


Now, what we have, are good people stuck in the place that Don Barnett decided to camp.  People rejected Divine Divorce, and in the end, everything was lost.  Perhaps some will carry on , but as of this writing, not many are.  What God did and was desiring to do is beautiful beyond belief. Sadly, not many people remain to testify of the move of Tabernacles at CC&BTC.

My controversy with former Chapelites is that they are camping where Don Barnett left them and do not seem to be able to move forward.  Many still believe they are God’s chosen while remaining frozen in time.

Why did we throw it all away?


In concluson, Community Chapel was severely flawed, however it did something very few churches have ever done: birth Tabernacles.  Brining forth Tabernacles has seldome been accomplished in the last 2000 years.  CC&BTC  heralds the coming move of  Tabernacles.  I believe people should take it seriously and try to understand fully what God did.  It is time for all those who survived to pick themselves up.  Dust yourself off and get on about God’s business of restoring the final feast.  Else, everything we went through, everything we suffered, and everything that truly mattered will be for not.


Michael King