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The wars that we hear about in Syria and with ISIS are simply the outward symptoms of a continuing war in heaven.  This war was started by Lucifer in a time before this creation and carried by him into this present world when he uttered the words, “Hath God said.” We are seeing fallen angels doing their best to kill, maim, rape, and psychologically torture human beings through other human heings because they hate, with a malevolence we cannot fathom, God’s creation.

In this time of wars and rumors of wars, we must connect with each other through the Holy Spirit.  We must allow God to unite us through His bonds of love so that we may join together and become the Body of Christ.  Against this satanic darkness only the glory of God can stand and in order to see we must become one as Christ was one with His Father.

What does this mean?  It means that we must consciously decide to give way to the Holy Spirit and seek out those He wishes to join us with.  We must lay aside all the cares and worries of this life and seek out our brethren and offer them the hand of fellowship concentrating on God in them rather than everything that surrounds them.  We must go out into the highways and byways of this world and compel them to come with us to the marriage supper of the Lamb.

We can no longer afford to be isolated.  We can no longer afford to be men and women who are alone in the wilderness.  Against this fall of night there is only one safety and that is in each others arms of fellowship and love.

I remember watching a documentary where a woman related how she and others were tortured.  I remember the unearthly calm that she projected as she described the most horrific abuse imaginable. One by one she and others were taken out of their cell and subjected to things no human being should ever have to face.  When asked what they did when, one after another, tortured victims were be brought back to the cell she simply replied there was a lot of kissing and holding.

I was struck by how, in that moment of gravest human need, conventions gave way to compassion. With everything that was savagely stripped away from each one of them, they still had the ability to love one another without concern for themselves. In the face of true horror their humanity prevailed through the the touch and care of another beating heart.

In a very real way, those who are starting to emerge in the Spirit are being tortured by Satan in the most ungodly ways.  They are being ripped apart spiritually and subjected to spiritual abuse beyond imagination.  Sometimes they even wish for death but it eludes them for God has plans for them which the evil one cannot stop.

Make no mistake about this, people need to be held in the arms of Jesus when they suffer such things.  Those who are, as it were, thrown back into the cell bruised, bleeding, and barely able to breath need to be held and loved by those who have yet a little strength.  We are the manifestation of the sons of God and as such it is our duty to give comfort to those who are wounded for His names sake.

It is time to connect with our brethren or risk losing everything in this wilderness of Sin.  Isolation is killing our spirits and allowing the devil to pummel us daily without mercy.  The Jesus that we need is living in and through our brethren and the comfort we so desperately long for is in them. Here is a truth,


“Those who have ears to hear let them hear what the Spirit is saying to this generation.”