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I think it is proper, as much as I am able, to set forth a declaration of spiritual marriage.  I do this because, since the Garden of Eden, people have struggled to understand the intent and purpose of intimate unions between men and women. Indeed, what we call marriage today is merely a shadow of a shadow of the real thing.

To begin with, relatively few people are married to their real, God-given mates.  Many people have chosen, Christian and otherwise, to form unions with mates according to their natural minds and/or natural lusts.  In so doing they have damaged their own lives, the lives of their progeny, and the plan of God in general.  Only those who wed according to the Holy Spirit are considered actually married in the site of our Lord.


A type of the holy of holies


The reason for this is that woman’s womb is a type of the Holy of Holies. Within her body is the seat of creation and it is where God dwells/ manifests during the time of procreation.  If God does not choose your mate you profane His temple. Though God built this sacred place, when those who enter it do so contrary to His will, He regards it as polluted. This is why adultery and fornication is sin.  Once a holy place is polluted by sin the only thing that can cleanse it and make it holy again is the blood of the Lamb.

Thus, many people are profaning God’s temple every time they have sex. Since their union is not commissioned by the Holy Spirit they sin every time they enter that holy place.  Likewise, whatever issues from those unholy unions is not the perfect will of God.  The sin of the Antichrist is that he sets up the image of jealousy in the very temple of God in Jerusalem and declares himself to be Christ.  This is essentially what we do when we mate with men or women who are not ordained by God.


Unholy matrimony


There is not much holy about matrimony these days.  Most of the time when people choose their mates they do so according to their natural minds. Even in a Christian setting believers size up potential spouses according to their denomination, looks, wealth, family or position.  Hardly ever do people actually listen to the Holy Spirit and wed according to His design. This is because God’s design is always diametrically opposed to man’s natural reasoning.

Contrary to what many think, our choice of mate is not our private business, but God’s divine right.  We are bought with a price and we are not our own, therefore in this most important area especially, we do not have the right to choose whom to marry without the express approval of the Holy Ghost. Anything less than chosing whom God selects is sin and taints our union. This is “THE REASON” the divorce rate in the church is comparable to the divorce rate in the world. Rates are similar in and out of church because people marry through reason and not through revelation.


God created sex for His fulfillment


Again, contrary to what many believe, God created sex for Himself.   Intimacy between a man and woman was supposed to be sacred because of His involvement. From the very beginning, because God would be present at that moment of conception, only those God joined together were to become one flesh.  The union of Adam and Eve was always meant to fulfill the greater union of God and man.  This is the reason for the virgin birth.  When God overshadowed Mary, He shows us once again when Mary conceived Christ, how He wanted it to be with the first Adam before the fall.  God always purposed that when a man enters the Holy of Holies, there is He in the midst. If a man enters the holy place of a woman, without God’s express consent, he pollutes that temple and profanes God’s sacred place. This is the origin of all sexual sin.

To put it succinctly, God chooses our mates, we don’t. We miss the mark when we wed someone whom God does not approve of. God does not bless what He does not author, and when we force God to be present during unholy matrimony, we cause God pain and discomfort. What He made to be a blessing and sacrament turns into a travesty as we force God to partake of our sin. God ordained that He was to be present during love-making, and just as the sun always comes up on a sinful world, God is always present (in some degree) even when we mate with people He does not approve of.


Do not make marriage an idol before God


Marriage, as it is practiced in the Christian church, is an idol. We have made our version of “holy matrimony” a graven image that we serve more than God Himself. We decorate it with all manner of trappings and adornments until we feel it looks like the real thing.  Just look at the size of any “Brides” magazine to understand this truth. However, in the eyes of God, no matter how nice we decorate our marriages, when we wed outside His will, it is torment to our heavenly lover.

In the next move of the Spirit we will experience Divine Love and, as a consequence, Divine Divorce. When God comes to His temple everything that is not of Him must be removed. God is incensed that we have chosen to do what is right in our own eyes. The fallout from the presence of God will be that marriages that were not made in heaven will dissolved.  This is one reason, if not the reason, for the great falling away.


Which tree will you choose?


In conclusion, will you submit to the Holy Spirit or will you cling to what seems right to your natural mind? Will you allow God to cleanse your temple and make it holy or will resist His will?  We are all virtually in the same place and have the same mindset of the pharisees of the first century. We have our doctrine and we have our beliefs, but we do not have God because we refuse to accept and do His will.

Is This What God Meant Marriage To be?