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Sometimes, Our True Love Is Not So Obvious


If you have seen the move series “Back to the Future” you know that Lorraine was destined to marry George McFly and that altering that future threatened to wipe out Marty Mcfly and his siblings. Unless Marty restored Lorraine and George’s destiny, Marty’s future would cease to exist.

Though “Back to the Future” is fiction, it does touch upon an eternal truth,


“There is a mate that is your destiny, but if you miss your true love, your destiny may be lost forever”


destinyWhen men or women are about to marry, two or more types of potential mates show up. First, there is the mate that God chooses for you.  Normally they, like George McFly, are not obvious to the natural man.  Your future Adam or Eve may be someone you have known for some time, or have developed a recent friendship with.  She may even be a childhood friend.  However, you will know a comfort around her that you have rarely, if ever, experienced.  She will look you directly in the eyes as if she has known you forever. Sometimes, if you are open to the Spirit, you will also feel a deep connection with her that goes beyond boyfriend/girlfriend.


Just as there is an Antichrist, there are anti-mates


The second type of mate that will show up are those Satan wants to foist upon you to derail God’s plan in your life.  These will be objects of desire, women or men who are confident in themselves to the point of arrogance.  People whom your natural man will desire for their beauty, charisma, position or wealth. In fact, everything that God’s chosen mate does not seem to be, they will seem possess in abundance.

Thus, you have a choice to make.  Do you listen to God and chose His mate, or do you marry Satan’s selection?  Unfortunately, more often that not, people choose unwisely.  This one rash vow disrupts the plan of God in their lives and the lives of any progeny for years to come, if not for their entire life times. Like the photo in “Back to the Future” God’s children begins to vanish and the future He foreordained alters.


The mate that God gives you is eternal


Brothers, God sees the heart of your future mate and will select the right one for you. The wife that God picks is eternal, while the wife that Satan offers is temporal and keeps you from fulfilling your destiny.  God knows your chosen wife will be with you through thick and thin, while another will desert when you face calamity. God knows your children and that will be blessed if born of His Spirit.

The bottom line is, do not marry out of the will of God.  Your choice of spouse is the most important decision you will make during this life time. Realize the gravity of picking the right mate and purpose in your heart to yield to the Spirit of God.  You sow the seeds divorce when you disregard your Father’s pick of your future mate. Therefore, yield to His still small voice and choose wisely.