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Church size is irrelevant for Emmanuel and His Word to be accomplished. God is with you always because you are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

The only thing that truely matters, biblical, is ‘where two or three are gathered in My name, there am I in their midst’. Some churches become overly focused on numbers, counting up people, and categorizing them. Being a member of a large church does not mean you are guaranteed in your faith or that their teaching is ‘guaranteed’ to be from God.

It is every individuals responsibility to test the spirits and know your Bible no matter what church you go to! Learn to listen, hear and obey your Father’s voice in others because He can use anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere, anyhow for His Good and Purposes.

Churches who want to box God up and streamline Him into various things and rules, generally are creating doctrines of man to appease themselves. Any church that creates a whole new society and class of rejects, because people do not fit into their rule sets, are generally not being ‘followers of the way’. They will put themselves into a grave place of judgement by God, and will have to account for their actions.

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, therefore, no one is in a position to look down upon another. No one is worthless or a sinner too far gone not to warrant the hand and love of God through you.

Jesus came and went to us all, to save as many as possible. He reached His arms of Love out to all of society, not just those acceptable in the sight of men. He came to serve not to be served!


He brought God’s Love to those that were rejected by the people, who were supposed to be God’s people.

Follow in Jesus’s footsteps as your great Rabbi, rather than a church. Your faith should never be in a person or a church, but in God through Jesus. Through Jesus you have the grace to approach God’s throne. Through Jesus you are seen as perfect in our Father’s eyes. Through Jesus’s work on the cross, in dying, His resurrection and ascension…you have reconciliation to our Abba Father. You are to be as Christ, working for God’s government, as ambassadors for Christ, in the ministry of reconciliation! 2 Corinthians 5:13-21 This is wherever God sends you or places you, not necessarily in a church building as you know them.   Success in God does not get measured by numbers, but by success of your particular assignment in this ministry of reconciliation.

I would always ‘Amen’ my Father’s voice in someone, no matter whom the person was…because I look to and for Emmanuel, to hear Him in others.

The Apostles were not really static in their preaching. They took the Word of God to the people, they did not sit and wait for the people to come to them. Take God’s word within you wherever you go, being ready to share it with whom God wants you to share it with.

Having a heart full of love, a listening ear and a willing hand for others, is kind of like showing your fruits of Emmanuel with you.

Seek and you will find, knock and the door shall be opened, ask and you will receive…seek God, Emmanuel in others and you will find Him. When you do, you will want to be with Him through others. It is not the person themselves who is Emmanuel, but Emmanuel is within the person and they have become one in them yielding to God. They are in essence a conduit for God’s Divine Love and embrace to you.

You are a vessel, a conduit, a temple of the Holy Spirit, and God is Spirit. Therefore, you are to be filled with God’s Spirit and Love. You shall know them by their fruits. You are able to trust your brothers and sisters in Christ, who would never be wolves in sheep’s clothing, because when God speaks and reaches out through them, it is always in Love and in Truth.
Simply we love because He loved us first. We are filled with His love, and what we say and what we do, emanates His love in us. Amen.