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Please Help Me...The act of having fellowship with one another, is central to everything that God wants the body of Christ to become.  We are members one of another and we must associate in ways that allow us to “fit” together.  The lack of being able to fit together is one of the central reasons for the lack of effectiveness in the church today.

Fellowship is a complete notion in the Bible and denotes communion with one another where there are really no boundaries expect those that the Holy Spirit places between individuals.  Church leaders tend to erect all manor of false and ineffectual boundaries between members of their congregation in order to keep them from sinning or appearing inappropriate.  On the other hand, Holy Spirit boundaries are flexible and tailor made for each situation that believers encounter.  Man made rules are general in nature and fail because they can never be flexible enough to apply in every circumstance.

For instance, there was a certain single woman who attended a church.  She was a lady in her early 30’s and was a relatively new Christian believer.  A married man felt it upon his heart to fellowship with her on a fairly regular basis both in and out of church.  He would encourage her and when she was struggling the Holy Spirit would goad him to either call or even visit.  As a result of the fellowship with the married man this lady became stable in her faith and really started to grow in God.

However, the leadership of the church thought that the single lady and the married man were having the “appearance” of evil and so told the married man to discontinue his ministry to her.  They assigned an older lady to be her spiritual friend instead.  Though the married man protested he “Obeyed The Leadership” and left this small lamb in the care of person chosen to disciple her.

Unfortunately, this single lady did not have the same connection with the woman assigned her and became discouraged and drifted away from church.  After several months she became discouraged and committed suicide.  Before her suicide the married man had felt in his spirit something was going terribly wrong with the single lady but still he followed the leaderships wishes and quenched the goading in his spirit.  Here is a truth,
“What could have been possibly worse than this woman taking her own life?”
True fellowship always centers on the real needs of the person you are fellowshipping with.  It cares for them and wants to be whatever they need in order to make them whole.  Contrastingly, most fellowship in the church today is surface at best and people are only allowed minister to their fellow man if it is approved of and looks good.

Exposing evil is not just to make people feel bad but to shake them awake so that they can change for the better.  What I write is meant to bring out in stark relief the areas that are lacking so that we can repent of our error and start to act differently.

In conclusion, let us fellowship with one another in reality according to the Holy Spirit.  Let us break free of the artificial restraints that well meaning but severely misguided individuals have sought to bind us with.  Let us see each others needs as our own and truly love each other as Christ loves His church.