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Mike and Bible


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is our good shepherd and the keeper of our souls. Who is faithful to guard us from evil and deliver us from the coming darkness. Amen.

I send my love to all those who fellowship with us in His Spirit and who follow, Jesus Christ, who is our example in all things. I salute your apostle Hezekiah and those who serve with him in the ministry. I also give thanks for all those who stand with us in the fellowship of His Spirit. Though, for a time, I may be far from you my heart and spirit are always with you. Amen.

I am told of your faithfulness in the ministry and of how you work patiently in the kingdom of our God. Your perseverance is known in heaven above by our heavenly Father who looks down through a sea of glass upon all those who do His will on Earth. I rejoice that He who is faithful is adding to our flock and that the hearts of men are being changed by the love of God in you and shown through you to one another.

Know this my brethren: the greatest of fires are born of a single spark. The day that a man rode a bicycle all the way from Uyoma to Kisumu to ask for prayer ignited a revival that still burns in your hearts today. Desperate to find God, Hezekiah rode many miles to search for the Holy Spirit. This is why God chose Him to be your apostle. Some men that search for gold all their lives are said to have “Gold fever.” However, your apostle did not covet earthly riches but desired the Holy Spirit because he had “God fever,” No distance could stop him from finding what he valued and wanted most.

Just like Hezekiah, it is your mission to seek God just as passionately. This is why we preach and teach one simple truth:


“Listen, Hear, and Obey on Time.”


God wants you to know Him personally through the voice of His Son Jesus Christ. As ministers we are happy to introduce you to Jesus but it is you who must spend time with Him so that you become His friend. Our happiness is to see you know our Savior even better than we do. In order to truly know Jesus you must learn to know His voice so that you can communicate with Him directly. This way, when you stand before the great white throne of God’s judgement Jesus will say, “I know you!” and He will say enter, my friend, into my rest.

As His son or daughter, you must learn to listen. To listen means that you actively try to hear God when He speaks. It may be a voice inside you, it may be through a circumstance of life, it may be a scripture, and it may be someone who speaks with you or a sermon or a thousand other ways. The truth is that God speaks to each one of us many times each day in many different ways and we can hear Him speak if we listen for His voice.

When you listen, learn to hear what He says. Train yourself to accept and trust His voice more than you trust your own mind and reason. Consider what He says and do not reject His words even if they are not what you expect. Allow yourself to put away your disbelief and honestly consider what His Holy Spirit is saying. So many times we reject what we hear very fast because it does not fit with we think. Remember this,

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Isaiah 55:8,9

Therefore, trust God’s wisdom more than your own and hear what He says.

Lastly, obey on time. Do what He says when He says to do it. When God speaks to you it is for a heavenly reason. The God who speaks to you today is no less than the God who spoke to Isaiah or Daniel centuries ago. To have God speak to you is a privilege beyond measure and He deserves your full respect and attention. When God speaks you must say “Here am I Lord.” If God says to do something today He does not mean tomorrow or next week. In Spiritual things timing is everything. If God commands you to say a certain word to a certain person at a certain time He means exactly that. As a servant of the Most High you are to obey His voice and submit to His direction in the exact time and way He commands. It is written,

“Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”

Matthew 7:21

There are many busy doing their own things for God according to their own reasoning, however, here is a truth,

“If God says to go right but you decide to go left, no matter how far you travel you will never arrive at the place He wants you to be.”

We must each do the will of our Father which is in Heaven. Do not fool yourself into thinking that doing your own works while pretending to do His works will grant you entrance into eternal life. Only truly doing God’s will, as He wants it done, at the time He says to do it, pleases Him.

All of us from the least to the greatest, men and women, and even children, can learn to do the will of God. It is our job, as ministers, to teach everyone to know the voice of our heavenly Father and to learn to trust His voice as you would trust the voice of a earthly father or mother. As you do what God says you begin, through experience, to know your Savior in intimate ways that no one else can ever teach you.

Finally, this is new directive that I give to all those who fellowship in our churches. When you finish a sermon let the minster say “listen, hear, and obey on time.” Let the congregation answer back with one voice “listen, hear, and obey on time.” When you meet someone in a home or on the road, if they be a brother or sister in the Lord, when you part company say farewell with the words “listen, hear, and obey on time.” Let this saying be among you always and become a “sign” that you are part of our ministry. Let the world recognize us by this saying so that all will know that we serve and submit to the will of the Most High.

Now, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit I encourage all of you to be of one heart, one Spirit, and one mind in all these things. Let there be no division among you. Let the God of our fathers bless and keep you until the day of His Son’s soon return.

I salute those who have been given seeds and I encourage them to be faithful in little so that, in the restoration of all things, they shall be given authority over much. Direct those who are mature in Christ to make disciples of young men and women of promise and teach them to know God as they do. Share the good news of the kingdom of God with all those who will hear it. Share testimonies of what God does among you and give Him praise in public for His mercies and goodness done to you. Remember the widows and orphans among you for they are the apple of God’s eye.

Finally, in the name of Jesus, I bless you and pray that God will keep you until the day of His coming.


Michael J. King

Apostle of Tabernacles