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polygamistPolygamist families represent a vast unreached people’s group, numbering in the tens of millions, that is undeserved by the church. Missionaries persecute these people because they misunderstand biblical marriage. Marginalized, demoralized, discriminated against, these souls, are excluded from fellowship.

I prove, beyond doubt, that God accepts polygamists as well as monogamists. God does not care how many wives you have. Just consider Solomon as an example. What, therefore, are we going to do about it? Do we, out of fear, hide this truth under a bushel basket, or do we preach acceptance to those shunned by others? Do we dare to share the full gospel of Jesus Christ which includes acceptance for them and their families?  What man or woman can say less than yes!


Polygamist families need love too


I say it is time that we teach and preach the truth without fear of those who might rail against us. Souls hang in the balance and because others wrongly characterize polygamy as sin.  Adding to the gospel, legalistic missionaries make it is less likely that polygamists will hear the gospel.  True men don’t desert their wives and children, so why are some making desertion mandatory for salvation?

Imagine, sharing the good news with people shunned by the church, ministering to those who expect nothing but scorn. This is a niche that is just begging to be filled by men and women of God who are willing to stand for truth, not just sometimes, but all the time.


Here am I Lord, send me


Why not you? You have the truth and you have the ability. Why do you think that you, among all  people, now understand plural marriage is of God? God calls us share His gospel to ALL men.  Why not become a fisher of polygamous men and women? The 10/40 window of unpaved people’s are just brimming with such polygamist families.  Churches reject plural marriage making certain groups of people practically unreachable.  I say, ” let’s help change that”.

Being on the cutting edge of what God is doing is always difficult. Preaching “the just shall live by faith” risked burning at the stake during the reformation. William Tyndale died distributing Bibles in English.  Lovers of error benefit from continuing darkness, killing to maintain the status quo.  Therefore we must allow our light to shine no matter what the cost when souls hang in the balance.


What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy


In conclusion, be a Daniel and do what is right even if everyone else is doing wrong. Take the heat and be what God is calling you to be. God liberates people unjustly bound by error through people like you. The harvest is great but God’s workers are few: join with us in becoming fishers of polygamist men.