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Choose Your Mate Wisely


Who gets to choose your mate?  It is your choice, God’s choice, or a combination of both?  Most people believe that choosing their mate is “their person business”.   If fact, suggesting that anyone else would be involved choosing the love of their life is unthinkable to most people.  However, if we are bought with a price, and we are not our own, is that choice really ours to make? Our we servants of the most high or masters of our own destiny?


What is happening with the Body of Christ right now is a process of taking off our fig leaves. That barrier, that man-made separation, the veil which has kept us from intimacy is opening to reveal who God really is.  As we begin to see what lays beyond, we’re coming to understand our heavenly Lover’s true intent for us.


God wishes to be intimately involve


To many, the realization that God is our lover is quite a shock.  Especially in the west, with the residue of Victorian morality still coursing through our theological veins, many view intimacy with God as sacrilegious.  Our notion of holiness is devoid of intimacy and therefore diametrically opposed to how God really is.  We erroneously see nuns as pure.  We err thinking Celibate priests are holy because they do not procreate. However, when Nuns and Priests fail to behave as God created them to be, they foil and frustrate the plan of God in their lives. Such religious orders are based upon natural minded thinking and are not the will of the Holy Spirit.

The first commandment is to procreate.  God commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. In fact our Father set His son and wife in a garden full of sensual delights so that they would mate, and mate often.  In their mating God would join with mankind and bring forth after His kind.  The children born of the union of man and God were meant to populate the entire universe.  This was the original plan of God for His last and greatest creation and, for those who are called according to His purpose, it still is.


It’s about God’s choice of mate


A Spirit led relationship, as it pertains to mating, is when God choses your mate.  In fact, God selects your mate just as He did when He present Eve to Adam.  Our Father chooses your mate so that when you join together with Him, your offspring will be brought forth after His kind.

The fundamental flaw in the church is that people believe selecting their mate is their own personal choice. The “Ain’t no bodies business by own” attitude towards procreation is totally wrong.  Chosing outside the will of God messes up God’s plan for your life, the lives of the children you produce, and the lives of those people you and your offspring will influence.  In fact, most of the work that God does in our lives is to compensate and/or correct for our poor choice of mates.


Love at first sight


The truth about how people are supposed to mate is really much, much different than most assume.  We are to be led by God’s Spirit. Our choice of whom we marry is to be “love at first sight” through connecting with our future mates spirit as God directs.  The order of God in male-female relationships is “spirit, soul, body”.  First we connect through our Father’s Spirit to our mates spirit, then we get to know their soul, and finally we become one in body.  This is the original way God meant to mate the whole human race with Him, bringing forth the sons and daughters of God.

However, in the world as well as the church, people usually connect in just the opposite way. A woman sees a man as handsome, or a man sees a woman as beautiful and they proceed from that basis. Only after that initial physical attraction do they begin to know each others soul. However, depending on how strong the physical attraction is soulical compatibility may be beside the point. truthfully many just “hook up” solely based on sexual attraction and nothing else. finally, and very rarely, do people ever become one spiritually as God desires.


When we do not marry within the will of God, our unions are flawed from the very beginning


Sometimes, though, people fall in love with each others souls finding mutual compatibility and love in the natural realm.  Many call these people soul mates and they can generally have happy lives together.  However, most never progress to uniting in their spirits because God never brought them together in the first place. Therefore, the true intent of their unions cannot be fulfilled because they have mated outside the will of their heavenly Father.

This is the reason for the high divorce rate in the Christian church. People who marry through their natural reasoning are bound to get natural results. Once the animal passion passes, many people find little reason to stay with their mates. Eventually, many realize that they married the wrong person and, even though it is emotionally painful and costs a lot, they divorce.  In the end, natural minded mates could never fully connect because they were never meant to be together in the first place.


Therefore, marry as God chooses


Thus, most people in the Christian church are not married to the people God desires. Their earthly marriages are not made in heaven and thus they are flawed from the very beginning.

The bottom line is: you must marry the man or woman of God’s choice.  Yield to His choice of mate and allow God to join you together as He sees fit. The selection of your mate cannot be left up to your natural reasoning because so much is riding upon it.  You are not your own but you are bought with a price, therefore, you do not have the right to choose a mate outside the will of your Lord.

In conclusion, the fundamental precept that we must accept is that we must mate as God leads and not as we decide.  Anything less is sin before our Lord and does violence to His will for our lives.  Give up the notion that we can choose whom to marry.  Unless God give you specific permission to wed another, mating with a man or woman outside the will of God introduces a systemic flaw to you union that ultimately keeps you from fulfilling the original plan of God in you life.

Finally,  I will qualify what I say in other essays in this series but for now, I want you to understand clearly this foundational truth in the absence of any caveats. I am sure that the money changers in the temple felt badly about having their coin tables over turned, but they were in the wrong and not Christ.  Likewise, people have brought their ungodly choices of mates into the house of God thinking that what they do is reasonable, however, like the money changers, that which is not of God must goe and His temple cleansed from that unrighteousness.