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English: Large amount of penniesLate one night I could not sleep. I was staying at my parents place, back in my old room where I grew up as a child. After tossing and turning for about an hour, I got up and walked around the house. I felt like I was searching for something. Finally, not knowing what to do, I went back to my bedroom. As I walked to my bed I looked down at a bowl full of pennies. God spoke a and said, “If you reach in and pick up a penny it will be a wheat back.” So, I reached into the bowl, containing hundreds of pennies, and took one. I turned it over in my hand and, sure enough, it was a wheat back penny! In America, wheat back pennies were discontinued in the 1950’s being  replaced by new pennies without as much copper. Increasing rare, you will find, on average, only one wheat back out of every 350 pennies you look at.

God PennyThrough this simple act of faith I learned many important lessons.  I learned that God knows everything and so, what is may be chance for some, if we trust His voice, is certain for us. I know that, through walking in the Spirit, I can beat the odds every time.  For years, I have kept my “Faith Penny” on my dresser next to my bed to remind me that God knows more than I do.  Each time I see my “Faith Penny” I realize that, if I listen to my Father, I can reach into any situation and pull out something good. Through “Listening, hearing, and Obeying On Time,”  I  find success when the odds may be stacked against me. I also find opportunities, in Him, that others, who do not listen, may miss.

In conclusion, God is waiting for you to believe and to do things by faith even when they seem unlikely.  I pray you take advantage of hearing His voice, in whatever situation you are in, and find your own “Faith Penny.”

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