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Turris Babel from Athanasius KircherOur Father, who dwells in heaven, is very involved in the affairs of mankind here on Earth.   YHWH (the name of God given to Moses) is not, as agnostics believe, unknowable or even aloof but rather a personal God  who cares deeply about His creation.

The Lord God is guiding mankind back towards a path that leads back to our pre-fallen state of sinless perfection. To accomplish this goal our Father guides mankind through many divine interventions, great and small, towards a pre-determined or foreordained outcome.

For example, in the beginning, after Adam and Eve had strayed from the fist law and ate of the forbidden fruit,  God banished them from Eden.  He did this so that they and their decedents would not live forever in sin.  When the first world government became totally evil God  brought a flood to cleanse the Earth.  Mercifully, through Noah, God saved eight  souls alive to repopulate the world. Essentially, God erased 1600 years of pre-flood civilization and started over. Again, when the decedents of Noah thought to unify themselves and ascend to heaven with the tower of Babel God confused their languages.  It was not time for mankind to unite but rather it was time for God’s children to multiply and spread over the face of the Earth and repopulate it.  All these interventions demonstrate that when mankind strays too far from the predetermined plan of God He intervenes and corrects the course of history to His liking.

In view of these examples and many more,  I have often wondered if God’s foreknowledge isn’t based more upon His plan for mankind rather than actual knowledge of the future.  If you are all powerful and decide a certain thing will take place of course you know what is going to happen.  Consider this: does God know that things will turn out a certain way because of precognition  or does God guide the events of mankind towards a predestined future of His own design?  Perhaps this is what predestination actually means: God foreknows because He predestines people and events towards a certain outcome that He intentionally foreordains.  Therefore, because God’s ability to predestination  (make events turn out a certain way) is perfect His foreknowledge of the future is perfect too.

God is intimately involved in each one of our lives too.  We are predestination to conform to the image and likeness of His Son Jesus Christ if we will yield to His shepherding of our lives.  Many times we are not aware of God’s hand in our lives because we are so focused upon our natural circumstances and are oblivious to the grace that He gives us through His interventions.  I remember once I fell out of a tree.  I fell from a height of 45 feet yet, after I caught my breath, I had suffered only minor busing.  I could, if I were natural minded, just chalked it up to chance and good fortune but I realize that it was the hand of God that saved me that day when I, by all laws of physics, been very dead.  Subsequently, I was called to Africa and worked in the ministry over there for many years.  I was predestined according to His foreknowledge to preach and teach God’s word in that area of the world  so when I fell He saved me.

It is written,

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

2 Peter 3:9

Whether we will choose Heaven or Hell is not written in stone or in the stars but is a product of our free will in response to the Hand of God in our lives.  We have a choice and we are not chained to some future that we have no control over.  We are not called to be fatalists. This is the central fallacy of the doctrine of predestination as it is taught in many churches today.   They think because we are predestination that we are bound to an unalterable future but the reality is that we are predestination according to God’s foreknowledge of events that He has determine will come to pass.  The truth is our decisions have already determined our future in God’s mind and that is why He speaks of each one of us as predestined: He simply knows what is going to happen because He is going to make it turn out that way.

The only way any of us is going to be cast into the lake of fire is if we stubbornly refuse to allow God to save us.  In actually God has predestined everyone to be saved and people will have to fight like hell to resist Gods will. No one will look back upon their life during the opening of the books at the great white throne judgement and be able to say they never had a chance.  No one will be able to say there nothing they could have done to accept Jesus.  In fact those who are going into outer darkness will do so with the full knowledge that they worked very hard refusing God time and time again to get there.

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