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Please Help Me Get Justice

Prov 31:8,9

“Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.  Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.”


Zechariah’s Traumatic Story

Three Micro-Finance employees gained entrance to my home in Kenya when Mom and Dad were away.  Once in our home they falsely imprisoned me and 8 of my brothers and sisters (plus two others) for over two hours.  They threatened us and our baby sitter with a whip, and physically assaulted two of my older brothers, one being a minor of 14 years.

The regional manager of this Micro-Finance company, called my mom by phone demanding money (about 360US) promising they would leave my home  if she paid.  My mother, afraid for us, paid all she had at the time, 10,000 shillings via Mpesa to one of the three Micro-Finance employees Mpesa account.  Only 8000 of those monies were recorded in the official Micro-Finance records. Afterwards, the three employees did not leave us as promised but ransacked my home, even going into my mom’s bedroom where I sleep, looking through every place for valuables.  They took many house hold items, including two laptop computers, none of which, except the TV, being listed on the original loan agreement as collateral.

I want justice for these crimes against me and my brothers and sisters. I want the judge to, if possible, impose the maximum penalties allowable by law against the perpetrators and their employer for scaring me and hurting us.


 I don’t want to be afraid any more


Our lives have been shattered.  What little sense of security I possessed in my young life was ripped away from me by bad men. Furthermore, monies that were meant for us, i.e. to pay bills and school fees, have been diverted to finance my father’s quest for justice and caused our family to suffer emotional  pain and financial hardship.  Often times I have not had enough to eat because my parents are paying legal fees. Moreover, my family has been and will continue to be exposed to the media thus making all of us potential targets of opportunity for further criminal activity.

What hurts the most is that my dad wanted to bring me and my brother and sister to America for our safeties sake but that was derailed by the actions of the 3 Micro-Finance employees.  The funds that he had set aside, having saved up for us and mother’s airfare for an entire year, went to pay for medical bills, psychiatric assessments and care, legal expenses and case preparation.  The time he planned to spend with me during that trip was consumed by the turmoil caused through the alleged criminal actions of the 3 Micro-Finance officials.

I do not feel safe in Kenya any longer.  My parents believe, due to this event, that we will have to move out of the country in order to secure the safety of me and my brothers and sisters.


I don’t want this to happen to other children.

Due to the confessions of the regional manager of the Micro-Finance company, during his interview with Deputy Police Chief, my parents believe that what happened to me and the other kids is not an isolated incident but possibly a countrywide business model for this Micro-Finance corporation.  The regional manager, who assaulted us, stated to the Deputy Police Chief during the interview that “they” do this “all the time” asserting that they are directed to do such things from the top.  Therefore, I hope this case sets, if possible, a precedent proving to Micro-Finance companies, both in Kenya and around the world, that such wanton and willful disregard for human and legal rights, which have resulted in these criminal actions, are not profitable and cannot continue.  Unless Micro-Finance companies understand that abusive collection methods will expose their companies, senior management, and board of directors to criminal liabilities and severe civil penalties, they will not be fiscally motivated to change their practices.