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Semey (Semipalatinsk) Kazakhstan




Does God care about Semey, Kazakhstan?


I did not know why I was originally drawn to Semey Kazakhstan. For years I had a Kazakhstan map on my wall and I would look at the different towns and cities and my eyes and heart was always drawn towards three places, one of which was Semey.

Later, as I researched Semey’s history, I came to know that it was the center for Nuclear testing of the former Soviet Union. Due the the fall out of the nuclear detonations and the exposure of the workers to dangerous levels of radioactivity the people have suffered greatly from birth defects, high levels of leukemia, impotence, and various forms of cancer.


Called to Semey, Kazakhstan


I feel to travel to Semey, Kazakhstan and I believe that whatever God wants to do in that place is possible. Today, Semey’s population is about 300,000.

It is home to a large medical university and many scientists who are attached to the university need to be activated in God to do His will. Others are waiting for something to happen in the Spirit.

God calls people but many are not chosen simply because they do not show up. If you are from Semey or called to go to Semey, Kazakhstan then contact me. Dare to believe God for what may seem impossible.  Honor God with you faith and say, “yes! send me!”  If you are a Christian (man or woman) from that area or just someone who feels called by God to go to that area, I want to hear from you.


Is God calling you?


If you believe God wants to bless this area I ask you, what is God asking you to do?  If you know what God wants, are you willing to do it?  What many need is a direct connection to God. The kind of love connection that we know is possible from the example with have in the book of Acts.  I know that the Holy Spirit is wanting to do something in Semey , Kazakhstan.  However, God works through people, so how will He do it unless We say yes to Him?

The Semey community has lots of medical problems. That is why there is a medical university in that area. Yet, man can only heal so much and, if you are a believer in God, you know that what many need is a true miracle.


Unity releases the power of God


In conclusion, it is the unity of the Body of Christ that brings about such miracles.  When two or three people gather together there Christ is in their midst.  We can go on trusting in mans wisdom or we can allow God to give us His wisdom, healing and deliverance to us through His power.

Finally, it always starts with just one person.  God speaks to you and then you decide to respond.  To be sure, we are nothing but God is everything.  Moreover, you don’t have to be anyone big you just need to be available and say yes.  Will you say yes today?  Will you tell God that you are available?  It only takes the smallest faith to move a mountain.  Give what you have and let God do the rest.  Will you stand up for Semey, Kazakhstan?

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God bless,

Michael King