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We should focus more on the Kingdom of God, than on our own Kingdom, for our life is about Jesus and not us.

Sounds full on maybe, however remember, you have been BOUGHT at a price so glorify Him with your body and spirit.  Jesus became the Servant King, He came to serve not to be served, to show you the way. YOU too being born again into God’s Kingdom are servant’s of our Lord Jesus Christ first and foremost…then all the other things shall be added unto you.

You are followers of the Way … Ambassadors for Christ. We all have a purpose, use your life to serve your God given purpose.

We have to move away from being selfish. The world markets selfishness, and everyday we are influenced by it’s message. Yet we are more easily influenced by the world and less of God, and we need to ask ourselves why. We are to feed God’s sheep, they are starving, not just be content with being fed ourselves, effectively being selfish.

Be selfless with your approach to the unsaved, like the selfless nature of Christ. In a selfish society, if you approach it with selflessness it has a bigger impact.

Now to address the root of this problem…the end times spirit of self…

I can almost see and feel people flinching at this, discounting this, oh its another demonic thing blah blah, but actually yes it is. Get real with your faith, what you are living in and what forces work to bring you down and away from God, and keep as many people as possible away from God.

Ephesians 6

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

So yes, the demonic end times spirit of self. Selfishness.

The world was created by God in a perfected way. By Satan he brought imperfection into the world, he introduced selfishness, this was his personality, with Eve. He created an atmosphere of selfishness, after which selfishness was embedded in man. The more carnal you are, the more selfish you become.

So in a world which is so overcome with selfishness and so driven by selfishness, how do you break that spirit from around you? here are some steps to aid in that…

1) You have to repent!

Yes that mucky word we sometimes do not like or has us groaning. We need to repent of our own selfishness, get real with yourself and God. You recognise or know a selfish area of your life, repent of it (which is turning from that) and remember … YOU ARE NOT YOUR OWN, YOU WERE BOUGHT AT A HUGE PRICE! again glorify Him with your body and spirit, anything that does not allow this, is at root self, reject it, repent of it and move on from it. This is taking up your cross daily.

2) You HAVE to become Kingdom focussed!

We are to be Kingdom of God focussed men and women of God, not Kingdom of man focussed. What we say and what we do, is it for our Kingdom or God’s? Everyone has skills and abilities, use them for God’s Kingdom advancement, making evangelism a part of your daily life.

3) Esteem others more than yourself!

As you lose your life you gain it. Look the end time spirit of self in the face and tell it, it has no place in your lives! When people put others first, it changes the whole atmosphere and attitudes of people in the vicinity of that. People tend to do what others do around them, and eventually it will rub off on others. Be the change you want to see. Be the lights on a hill. Be the hand of God to others. Do unto others as you would have done to yourself!

Brother’s and sister’s there really is power, real power in laying it all down before our LORD. Selflessness has so much power and works and leads to miracles, in others lives and in turn your own.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit and my Pastor at church today. This message is confirming a lot of what has been given in revelation of late and added into it. So those with ears hear what is being spoken, because it is time to wake on up and get real with your faith and lives, time is of the essence.

Listening out for our Father speaking, using anything, anywhere, anytime, anyhow, anyone, hearing what it is He is saying, then obey that on time. This way you are walking and living your life as a spirit led child of God, in a selfless way, looking the end times spirit of self in the face telling it, it has no place in your lives!

Be blessed and be a blessing always