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There is an older movie entitled “The Land That Time Forgot.” In this picture some sailors happen upon a lost sub-continent called Caprona. This is an exotic and strange land where extinct dinosaurs and primitive man coexist. These stranded sailors soon learn that the only way to survive on Caprona is to move forward towards the north country. Every time they try to backtrack something bad happens.  I believe that this movie makes a valid point which is, “time and time again you most go forward, nothing on Caprona can ever go back.”

In our spiritual lives we must move forward too.  In God there is a foreordained path we must follow if we are to move forward.  It begins with salvation.  We give our lives to Jesus Christ and fellowship is restored between that which created and creator.  From that point on we begin to change back into the image and likeness of God that was shattered in the Garden of Eden through sin. As we move forward we seek to be filled with God’s Spirit and as a sign, so that we know that we are filled, we speak in other tongues. Yet, our journey does not stop there, but as we yield to His spirit everything we are becomes submerged in Him until it is not ourselves that people see but Christ who lives within us.   At the end of our trek we literally become one with God.  That is, we allow our Father to flow through us until everything we are is a reflection of all that He is.

In our walk with God we must move as He moves and keep up with Him. the path that we take may be different for every individual but to stop because of unbelief is to be left behind.  Here is a truth,


“The rapture is partial and not all go but some are left behind.  The reason that some of left behind is not because they could not have gone but because they refused, through unbelief, to go.”


Many who start out with God and experience His blessings, grow weary and refuse to move forward with Him.  Some even try to back track and thus perish, figuratively speaking,  in the land that time forgot.

We cannot go back to where we were because the only thing that made that place special was the presence of God. However, if we seek to go back now we realize that what we seek is no longer there because God has moved on.  Of a truth, our blessings lay over the horizon where God currently is and not where He once was.

I have tried to go back in my life to people and places where I once felt at peace and at home. I have attempted this through old friends, past loves, and places where God was once present. However, I have found, in each instance, that these people and places and the blessings that they once were only live in my memory and do not exist in reality any longer. I have concluded that I must move forward and seek to be where God is now.

In conclusion, we have a calling and that voice in our hearts beckons us forward. There is no need to look backwards because there is so much more blessing ahead of us. We are a people who are called out of this world into the next. Our destiny is to be conformed to His image and likeness once again and become complete and whole in the New Heavens and New Earth wherein dwells righteousness.

Do not yearn for the leaks and garlics of Egypt when things seem difficult.  Back there only looks good because of the trials you face now.  However, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, everything will change and this world and all that it once was will fade like a dream in the light of that new dawn.