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You Need A New Wine Skin

New Wineskin

When you think about it, it is the experience with God that is central to our christian faith. For a few thousand years the Jewish people thought that they understood who God was, but when His son came he was very different than their theology expected. However, Jesus was exactly, perfectly, completely in line with what the word of God really said. Only those who allowed the experience of God to modify their theology were able to accept Jesus.

It is written,

“Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.”

Matthew 9:17


You will have to chose


So too, in the coming move of God’s Spirit we will again have a choice whether to trust what we think we know about God or to trust the experience we are currently having with God. Initially, we will not be able to intellectually understand most of what is happening because it will be so far removed from our current theology. However, if we will accept God as we experience Him then gradually we will understand how it all fits together. This is why you will need a new wine skin.


Tabernacle Theology


The theology of tabernacles is borne not out of study but from experiencing God in a new and different way than has been generally known. I could not accept God as He shewed Himself to me and keep my old way of thinking.  I had to choose.  In my Spirit and by everything He did I knew it was my Father’s voice and doing, but I could not shoe horn it into what I had been taught was “sound doctrine.” It is only when I accepted God for who He was and fashioned a new wine skin, that I started to understand how it all fit together.

In the coming move of His Spirit those who will not make this transition to a new wine skin will either sit out this great move of God or they will persecute it. If we are so set in our ways that we cannot change our point of view, even in the presence of God manifest in the flesh through His body, then we will break and lose His Spirit.

Within this web site is a new wine skin that will allow you successfully hold the new wine of God’s Spirit. Even when new wind of His Spirit expands the Tabernacles Theology is designed to expand with it. Of course, no wine skin lasts forever and someday we will all have to discard, again, what has become old and brittle for the new and supple. However, for now, this new perspective on God’s eternal word will provide a starting point from which to accept what God is doing and understand the experiences you are having.

I invite all those who desire a new wine  skin to take what I show you and use it as God leads. I invite the “common” people, those types who heard Jesus gladly, to use it to help prepare themselves for the greatest outpouring of God’s love in human history. I invite those who need God and are earnestly seeking His face to use it to understand the deeper things of His spirit so that they are equipped to ascend to the mountain of the house of the Lord.

God bless,

Michael King


How can I apply this teaching to my life?


The next time you are studying scripture or thinking about the things of God, if a new thought that you feel God is speaking to you, comes into your mind simply stop and consider it.  Pick it up, handle it, turn it over and examine it.  Think about it.  Ask yourself “if this is true, how could it fit in with what I know?”  Consider, “If I change my viewpoint to what I feel God is saying what does that mean?”

The point is “to train yourself” to resist the urge to automatically reject any thought that does not line up with your doctrine.  Give yourself time to consider this new revelation or truth.  If, after carefully considering this new way of looking at things, you decide it is not “sound” then discard it. No harm, no foul. Even if you make a mistake have faith that the Holy Spirit will help you sort it out. Frankly, over they years, the Holy Spirit has had to help me sort a “lot” of things out.

However, by giving yourself permission to consider new ways of looking at old things God may be able to help you see His word a bit differently and therefore align yourself more closely to what His scriptures really say.


This man is a good example of walking in the Spirit!