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Three starsIt is written,

“Now, the Star-Belly Sneetches Had bellies with stars. The Plain-Belly Sneetches Had none upon thars.”

Doctor Suess

I remember times when I would witness to people I met about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Many times I would meet with some negative reactions.  People, especially Baptists and Lutherans, would actually get belligerent when I said that if they did not speak in other tongues they were not spirit filled.  The more doctrinally educated amongst them would have all manner of ways to gerrymander scripture  proving that they received the Holy Spirit at the time they received Christ.  I thought this was really the wrong way to go about it because when I was told that their was more of God through speaking in other tongues I wanted it!

I came to realize that their reaction was more from perceived injury to their personal pride than actual biblical truth.  Many of those I spoke with rested in the firm belief that they were in good standing with God and finding out that they did not have everything He had to offer made them feel inferior and insecure (even though many held the doctrine of eternal security…grin)  Rather than humble themselves and seek God’s gift they rejected it as sloppy agape and pure emotionalism.  They were the true soldiers of the faith and did not need those newfangled things I offered to show them to stand strong for God.  Rather than honestly searching the scriptures to see if the things I said were true instead they searched the scriptures to support the position they already held.  This was just the wrong way to go about it and the gift that God wanted to give them left will me as I walked away.

So too with the re-introduction of the spiritual Feast of Tabernacles.  Those with no stars on thars feel indignant that someone may have something that they don’t.  It is not reason that moves them to such emotion but rather jealousy.  However, just as the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a gift from God so too is the experience of Tabernacles.  Those who receive God’s gift are not special but just open and willing.  It is like a child who sees another child receive a gift being upset when there is a like gift waiting for them also.  There is simply no need to fuss because God wishes to give good gifts to all His children.

In conclusion, everyone can have stars on thars if they desire for God is no  respecter of persons.  Just as salvation is for all and Holy Spirit baptism is for all so to the Tabernacle experience is for all if we will just ask for it.