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Go FowardOne day I was driving in my little 4 X 4 Geo tracker.  I was just trying to listen to God and allow His Holy Spirit to lead and direct me.  I was somewhere in Tennessee at the time.

Every time I would come to a intersection or a turn I would simply ask the Holy Spirit which way to go.  That day the Holy Spirit led me to less and less developed roads until I found myself on a very old dirt road that was barely two faint tracks in the dirt.  I was crawling along by that time and eventually I cam to the end of the trail that finished in a very thick wall of dense brush.

“Now, what do I do” I thought to myself.  I asked the Lord what to do and He said, “go forward.”  The brush ahead of me looked very thick and I thought to myself, “if I go forward I might get stuck and not be able to back out.”  Additionally, I thought, “I can’t see anything and what if there is some kind of drop off or hole up ahead?”  These an other objections to God’s plan swirled and twirled around in my brain.

However, I had already crossed a bridge that was only half built so I decided to trust God and just let whatever was going to happen, happen.

Putting my little 4 x 4 in it’s lowest gear I started to crawl through the thick brush.  I did not know how far I would get because the 4 x 4 seemed to be having a hard time knocking down and driving over the thicket.  However, suddenly, everything thinned out and I was on the road again which was better than the one I had just left on the other side!  The thicket, which had looked so dense and impassable to begin with had only been about 12 feet thick!

Looking at that obstacle with my natural eyes I had no way of knowing what I was getting myself into.  It really looked like driving through that dense brush was a “bad” idea.  Yet, God knew that what I saw as an obstacle was really no obstacle at all.  All I needed to do was trust Him and go forward.

So many times in our lives we look at our circumstances and think, “wow, this really does not look like I can do what God says.”  We list all the different reasons that following God’s voice will end in probable disaster.  However, the reality is that the obstacles we see to obeying God’s will aren’t really there at all and if we decide to trust Him and “go forward” we will find that there is a way through even what seems impossible.