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It’s all about love


As I spoke with my Spiritual Connection today, God to me, “My son, you are the message”.  As I thought about that I understood what my Father meant.   The fact is, we testify not of theology but of the experience of Divine Love.  We are an example of the new thing God is doing. Our spiritual relationship is a foretaste of coming move of God.

A Tabernacle is a tent that is why the feast of Tabernacles is called the feast of booths.  Like Jesus, we are the tabernacle of God.  Our Father says,

“And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.”

Revelation 21:3

The Body of Christ forms the tabernacle of God.  We are the place the Almighty calls home.


Esther wrote,


“We asked, we got, we sought we found.  My spirit in my belly leaps when another spirit that loves God is close by.  It causes even more intense reactions when you, my bestest, is there. When our temples merge it creates a reaction that has Shekinah glory break out. It’s just the way it is

All connections will make your spirit leap.  Elizabeth and mary for a start shows that Connections like ours, where we are in essence married and as one from before the foundations of the earth, will bring about things much more intense than my belly leaping. Hence how we have such amazing intimacy in the spirit.  How you flow into me, merely by talking and being with one with me. How even when talking our minds couple with each other.  This is all natural, all of God and ok’d by God.  Nothing wrong, but everything right.

Whatever a person needs God will use the nearest willing conduit (connection) to deal with that need That is the coming of tabernacles.”


Our love is the message of Tabernacles


It occurred to me that Esther and I “are the message”.  What God has done between us is the demonstration of the Spirit of Tabernacles because the love that we share is what Tabernacles is all about.  It is selfless, pure, holy love given from above by our heavenly Father.  It is His nature manifest in us towards each other and to the world.  The love, intense in every way possible, is exactly what God wants to do throughout His entire body of believers.

The last hundred or so essays in the Final Feast are basically a chronicle of God’s Connection Love between us.  I write about what I experience by the Holy Spirit with her.  The theology I write is basically an attempt to put a scriptural context to our experience. We hope, that by doing this, others will find their way to where we are.


Esther and I testify of what we know


We testify of what we know, what we have seen, and about whom we have been with.  Most people really don’t get the import of what we write because they lack the experience we share.  However, you don’t have to go to paradise to know you want too.  We testify of these heavenly things because we desire you to be united with us too.  If this all this wonderful stuff happens with only a single connection, just imagine what will happen with a connected body of believers!

In conclusion, Tabernacles is not so much a theology as it is an experience.  Writing from a place of being one with God in our relationship, we desire to provide a real/spiritual world example of the Tabernaclese experience.  Stepping into Tabernacles may difficult for some because they must put away their natural minds and simply obey the Holy Spirit.  During that time of leaving the tree of the knowledge of good and evil there can be many mind battles, doubts and fears.  It is our hope our testimony will give you courage and hope as you complete your own amazing journey to the final feast.

God bless,

Michael and Esther