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A Paradigm Shift Is Coming



I don’t often like to use the term “Paradigm Shift” because it was a buzzword that was used to death a few years ago.  However, on occasion, it does fit quite nicely and so I will venture to apply it to what I am about to say.

What is a Paradigm shift?

“a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.”

God’s creation experiences major shifts in the way things are done from time to time.  The first such shift was, of course, when Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden.  The second paradigm shift ocurred when God sent the great flood and began again with Noah and his family.  The third such break was at the tower of Babel.  Then you see the Abrahamic covenant, the Mosaic Law, and the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt, etc.

One of the biggest paradigm shifts was the transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament. Although, the truths that Jesus spoke to the religious establishment of His day were perfectly in line with the revealed word of God most could not make the transition. The reformation was another major shift. Similar but smaller shifts occurred with the reintroduction of speaking in other tongues as the sign of the infilling of the Holy Spirit at the turn of the nineteenth century and the subsequent revelation of the oneness.


A Paradigm Shift from Pentecostal Theology to Tabernacles Theology


In our day, the paradigm shift that is taking place is the move from Pentecostal theology to Tabernacles Theology.  Once again, God is inviting us to view His revealed word in a new and fresh way so as to bless us with more of His presence. People become predictable unsettled by new truth which challenge old assumptions.

Yet, what people look upon as new is in fact as ancient as God Himself.  Just as New Testament theology was perfectly consistent with the Old Testament scriptures so too Tabernacles theology is perfectly consistent with New and Old Testament theology once people begin to understand its new paradigm.  Unfortunately, just like the first century religious system the twenty-first century religious system will predictably fight against what God is doing though His spirit.  Truly, there is nothing new under the sun.


A Paradigm Shift Inevitably Results In disruption


Accepting God as He desires to reveal Himself means that we will suffer persecution.  Persecution comes first from religious folk who wish to preserve a form of godliness.  Our own brethren come to hat s because they refuse to line up with what God is doing.  Secondly, persecution will come from our immediate family who do not understand us.  Our Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters don’t understand why following God demands we reject normalcy.  The final stage of this persecution  occur when secular society, aided by apostate Christians, desire to kill that which God births.


A Servant Is Not Greater Than His Master

I said all that to say this, do not fear these things and do not be taken unawares when they happen for Jesus says the servant is not greater than his master.  If they have persecuted Jesus they will persecute you.  However, rejoice when they do for great is your reward in heaven.

Many Christians harden their hearts, lacking natural compassion because their heads dominate their emotions. Heartlessness results from deeply entrenched and long-standing legalism.  Law without compassion drives basic human decently from  people souls.  These types of believers are those who hold the cloaks of those who stone other believers to death. The demonic spirits within them nash towards those who believe differently than they do.  Unfortunately, without receiving their own Damascus road experience it’s tough for legalists to change their minds.


Trust the voice of God


As Tabernacle Christians we must pray for those who oppose what God.  It’s important that we trust the love of God over the hate of men.   The world (including the church) will disparage this final step in the perfection of the church.  Here is a truth,


“Though we love and feel badly for those who reject what God is doing we cannot stay in Egypt in order to minister to those who will not leave it. ”


In conclusion, we witnessing the re-emergence of the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles and of strong delusion.  The way to survive this paradigm shift is simply to receive a love of the Truth.   Know the Truth through listening to the Holy Spirit. receive God’s blessing and reject that which is trying to deceive, if possible, the very elect.