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Storm clouds over swifts creek

To exercise, I like to walk. In the town where I live, I take a roughly rectangular route that skirts the outside of our little community. One day I set off to walk but when I looked up into the sky what I saw gave me second thoughts. I saw a big dark cloud coming from the south up the valley as I set off on the first part of my route. I thought to myself, “No, I don’t want to get wet. I will walk later.” As I turned to go back home God spoke and said, “Don’t worry, the rain cloud will miss you.” I looked again at the ominous thunderhead and it seemed nearer. I could see sheets of mist like fingers of a gigantic hand dropping down that signified rain. I said, “are you sure Father?” “Yes,” came the reply and so I set off on my walk.

To tell you the truth, I was sure I would going to be soaked.  That cloud just kept on coming but I decided to trust God anyways figuring that if I got wet , so what, I would just be wet and miserable for a while until I made it home.

It is not like I distrust God but sometimes there is a doubt in my mind as to whether or not I am hearing right. Remember, it is a still small voice and not a shout. If you allow yourself to become fearful, or agitated, or over-think the situation sometimes it can muddy the waters. Over the years through simply doing what He says, I have come to know what is and is not God speaking. Frankly, it does not always unfold the way I think but more often than not, when I trust what He says, it turns out just fine.

The first leg of my walk towards the east, about a mile, came and went with no rain.  I turned north and walked another mile; no rain either.  The cloud seemed to be right on top of me now and I was sure that any second I would feel the first rain drop.  I turned west, for the third leg of my journey…still dry.  Finally, I walked in my front door and looked out the window only to see the cloud disappearing into the distance.

Walking in the Spirit can be learned through practice.  Like this small lesson God taught me you can personally “listen, Hear, and Obey on Time” and learn to hear His voice too. Mostly, it comes down to trusting God rather than yourself. It is good to practice on simple tasks where the worst that can happen is that you get a bit wet, so that you build confidence to believe your heavenly Father when it really matters.  I encourage you to set aside time to just wait on God and ask Him the lead and guide you. When you hear His voice simply do what He says and see what happens. Most of the time there we be little real consequences other than possible embarrassment or feeling foolish. Walking on water is not the first thing Jesus ever did in response to His Father’s voice and I would guess that He started out believing God for small things too. We can all have our own adventures in God as we step out on the water in faith!

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