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Raise From The Dead


There is a lot of “raising from the dead” that goes on in the Bible.  So much so that perhaps God is pointing us towards a deeper and more fundamental truth.

If you think about it, the whole human race died the moment the forbidden fruit touched Eve’s lips.  The desire to make herself wise culminated in the act of rebellion to her Father’s word.  In the day that she ate thereof, i.e. the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Eve and everyone after her kind, died.

The spiritual and ultimately physical death that Eve experienced was not from this creation but originally from a time before this cosmos began.  It was the aftermath of a war in which an Archangel challenged and tried to usurp the position of God Himself. That which God created turned upon his Master. Lucifer, the sum of all wisdom, the bright and shining one, desired to be like God and sit like a god in the sides of the north which is a figure of speech for the throne of YHWH.  Thus, there was war in heaven and during that conflict, something that mere mortals cannot yet comprehend, Lucifer was cast out of heaven and a third of the angels fell with him.

For the punishment of rebellion Lucifer was condemned to death. Not a death as we experience here on earth but an eternal death of torment in a lake of fire.  What Lucifer did in the Garden of Eden was to introduce his rebellion into this creation and thus  condemn all mankind to suffer his punishment.  Corruption was brought from eternity by an enraged fallen angel and injected into God’s perfect world that knew no sin and therefore knew no death.

Earth, as it were, became perhaps the last battle of a angelic war that spanned eternity.  Just when the father of the beast seemed to be defeated he attacked mankind by deceiving us into joining his rebellion. By promising Eve that she would be like God he tempted her to sin so that man would suffer the same punishment that God had decreed upon him.

Therefore, when God found out that Adam and Eve had partaken of the forbidden fruit He was faced with a terrible delemma.  Damn Adam and Eve to the lake of fire along with Lucifer and his followers or make a way for them to be, as it were, raised from the dead.

This was no mean feat for God to spare mankind.  Even with God’s unlimited wisdom and might our Father could only think of one way for mankind to be pardoned.  It is written,

Then saith he unto them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry ye here, and watch with me.  And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.”

Matthew 26:38,39

The fact of the matter was that there was no other way but the cross. Even though the perfect son of God asked his Father, who never denied him anything, to make another way, God could not spare both him and us.  Someone had to pay the price and Jesus was the only one that could do it. His decision to obey God literally reversed the curse on those that would believe on him.

It is the second death, the one that was originally meant for Lucifer, that awaits all who do not allow Jesus to ransom them.  In fact, the second death is so terrible that physical death is liken to mere sleep in compassion to it.  It is the Lake of Fire, that was created for those that rebelled against God in and age before this world began that God needs to raise us from.  Lucifer’s judgement is what we are being saved from.

Life comes from the giver of life.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is death cannot abide.  In fact, the second death many be the absence of the Spirit of God altogether. It could be that, because we are created by the Holy Spirit to live in His presence death is the result of existing in the total absence of his presence. it may be that the absence Holy Ghost, like a perfect spiritual vacuum, creates the eternal death and torment in the Lake of fire.  I may be wrong of course because I am touching the very limits of what I can see in the Spirit.  The lake of fire may, in fact, be a literal place of fire and brimstone where eternal beings languish in torment forever and ever.  However, it may be that the visceral image of  the lake of fire is the only description our natural minds can conjure up that comes remotely close to the actual horror of that place.

There is an interesting scripture that states,

“For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.”

2 Thessalonians 2:7

The scripture demonstrates, I believe, that the Holy Spirit still permeates this present world.  Just like we take the rising and setting of the sun for granted because it has always been there, we also take for granted the presence of the Holy Spirit in the world.  It is the Holy Spirit that restrains the spirit of Antichrist from manifesting itself in the actual Antichrist.  However, there will come a time when God will remove His Spirit from this Earth and, literally, all hell is going to brake loose.

God has shown me an important truth over the last few days.  I have come to realize that the Antichrist does not come and deceive a world that is helpless in his grasp.  No, that is not even close to the truth.  The Antichrist spirit first prepares a world of followers who then provide the environment and support for His rise.   Unfortunately, when viewed from this perspective, I realize that the world is well on its way to calling forth the beast of the book of Revelation because they have prepared their hearts to receive Him.  The fact is, the followers of the son of perdition are already here and they are just waiting for there master to lead them in a rebellion on earth as it once was in heaven.  Here is a terrible truth,


“The Spirit that restrains, i.e. the Holy Spirit, is about to be taken out of the way and the Spirit of Antichrist is about to be set loose upon the world”


The work of God in this Earth is all about raising people from the dead.  It is all about newness of life.  It is all about saving us from the second death that is the destiny of all those who rebel against God. God is constantly showing us, in the scriptures, that it is only His Spirit that can and will give us life.  God also makes it plain that, in order to access that life, we must accept Jesus as our personal Lord and savior.

In conclusion,  Strong Delusion has come upon our world because the spirit of Antichrist is beginning to dominate a significant portion of the people of this planet.  True Christians are feeling the oppression of this anti-spirit and we are being forced to burn brighter just to illuminate our little corners of this world.  We are about to be forced to come together and combine our flickering lights just to have enough illumination to see.  This is demonic a thick darkness of spirit, the kind that was foreshadowed when thick darkness fell upon Egypt during the ten plagues, and we will need Spiritual son light to be able to see.

These writings represent a spiritual road map for those who have ears to hear what His Spirit is saying to this generation.  I, having been allowed to experience a portion of what will take place, have left these bread crumbs for you to follow.  Much of what I say may not make total sense because you have not yet experienced the places I am writing about.  However, very soon the world is going to change dramatically and the things the Holy Spirit has written here may help keep you and others remain strong and focused in God during the coming tribulations.

Always remember this:


“Listen, Hear, and Obey on Time”


May God be with you and keep you until the end.

God bless,