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Sacrifice of IsaacWhat if God asks you do so something that goes against your belief system? Do you know Him well enough to obey anyway, or will you hold fast to what you know and disobey the voice of God? Abraham, who is said to be the father of our faith, was asked to sacrifice Isaac. What would have happened if Abraham had said to God, “You are not God but a demon who wishes for me to destroy my son, whom the true God had said all nations will be blessed?”

Personally I am weary of Christians going only so far and then running back to cling to their old ways of thinking. God is trying to move us forward and if we will not allow Him to be God in our lives, we are just playing at religion and not truly walking in His Spirit.

God wants it His way and leaves no room for discussion. We cannot say to God “that is not biblical” because He wrote the book. If you will not obey the voice of God, you are not yet truly His sheep, for they hear and obey His voice.

We must simply state what God is saying, whether it makes theological sense or not. I operate under the assumption that He knows much better than I do what He means. So what if theologians have believed something for several hundred years? Is error like fine wine that improves with age?

For those who have ears to hear consider this truth:

“God is calling us to sacrifice our own minds and simply believe Him regardless of what natural circumstances look like or what others say.”


As we grow into mature men and women of God, we must accept that we have a responsibility to know and hear His voice correctly. If we know in our spirit that God has called us to do a certain thing, then we must obey and see where it leads no matter what. Here is a truth:

“Our understanding of scripture does not trump God’s revealed will in our lives.”

If God speaks and it contradicts what we believe or what we have been taught, then what we believe is simply wrong. It is no more complicated than that.

Finally, if you as a believer wish to move beyond the prison of your own thoughts, you must sacrifice your mind upon the alter of obedience. This was the “mind of Christ”, as His disciples, it must become our minds too.