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sunset-50494_640Dearly Beloved, it is written,

“But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.”

Matthew 9:36

In the days of My first coming, My people were scattered among the villages and hamlets of Israel. Though many claimed to speak for Me, My voice was not  heard among the synagogues of the land and My people perished for lack of a true vision.

Today, My people are scattered among the cities and towns of this world and they likewise perish because those who claim to speak for Me, in large part, do not. Many claim to pastor My people but speak a false vision of their own minds and do not lead My sheep beside still waters and do not bring to them into green pastures. Surely, My people perish for lack of a vision.

It is written,

Hear this word, ye kine of Bashan, that are in the mountain of Samaria, which oppress the poor, which crush the needy, which say to their masters, Bring, and let us drink.  The Lord God hath sworn by his holiness, that, lo, the days shall come upon you, that he will take you away with hooks, and your posterity with fishhooks.”

Amos 4:1,2

The cows of Bashan have multiplied again among My people. As with those of Samaria, they have lost their way and do not preach and teach My true gospel any longer.  They do not know My Holy Spirit and do not listen to sound doctrine, but rather oppress My people and abuse those who are needy among them while they live in luxury and feast without care.  However, I say this,

You who pretend to speak for Me, saying mighty things in My name which I have not spoken, listen to My word, “I am against you and I will bring  you down to the pit.  My people cry aloud in My ears day and night for lack of food while you fill your bellies with their spoils. I speak and you do not listen, I instruct and you do not hear, I plead and you will not give heed to My voice, therefore,  I am against you and what you have shall be taken away and given to others.”

“I will raise up true shepherds who will hear My voice, heed My instruction, and listen to My pleadings.  They shall lead My sheep and feed them according to My Spirit and My heart.  I shall call to them with My voice and they shall follow.”

As it was in the days of old so shall it be again when I lay low those who feast upon my people without regard for their well being.  Their refuges that they have built upon the high mountains shall be brought low, laid bear and ruined.  They shall cry and lament for all they have lost but none shall pity.  When they speak I shall not give heed nor regard their cries.  For the wickedness of their hearts they shall be pitiless and destitute.  For the arrogance of their ways, none shall hear them.

In these last days, My Spirit will speak to all who will listen and they shall be led, as in the days of old, by true shepherds who give heed to My voice. I shall call through My faithful and they shall come.  All those who have been scattered among the hills and valleys of this world will come and I will feed them good things from among My treasures and from among My riches.  It shall come to pass, when I speak they shall listen and when I call they shall hear for My people will no longer be leaderless nor want for a true word from my Holy Spirit.

Thus saith the Lord God of Israel.