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After a few days in the African bush.

What shall be the end of the matter?  What are we aiming for?  There is an old saying that goes,


“An unexamined life is not worth living.”



I have always been somewhat introspective and wondered about the value of what I am doing and pondered my reasons for doing it.  I remember, one day, an apostle laid hands on me and prayed saying, “a thousand shall fall on your right side and ten thousand at your left, but you shall not be harmed, and your portion shall be the Word of God.” Since that day I have seen these words play out in my life in many small and sometimes large ways.

For instance, it seems, literally, by the grace of God, that I cannot be killed by normal means.  I fell out of a tree from the height of 45 feet and received no injuries.  Another time, when I was stopped in traffic a Mack dump truck rear ended me at 35 miles per hours.  I did receive injuries in that accident but recovered.  Many years later a man came up to me and introduced himself as one of the paramedics that took me to the hospital.  He said that he was glad to see me alive.  He also said another person, on that same day, was involved in another accident exactly like mine except his injuries made him a paraplegic for life.

I thank God, not only for his protection, but also for His revelation. It seems that I have been given access to understanding in His word, not through any superior intellect I possess, but simply through listening to His Holy Spirit.  Most of the time, I wake up in the mornings, with an essay already fully formed in my mind.  I don’t study much these days (although I did quite a bit in my younger years) but the “revelation” of the Holy Spirit comes to me and I simply write as God gives me the words to pen.

I am telling these stories to say that God gives us gifts and protects us from the hazards of life for a reason.  Our lot is to try to understand what He wants to do with us and then do our best to fulfill it.

The first stage of my journey with Him was going to Bible College where I devoured as much of His word as I could get my hands on. The second stage was me leaving organized Christianity to be alone with God in the wilderness of this world so that I could learn to hear His voice.  My wilderness experience has lasted many years but I believe this time of solitude was necessary to give me a chance to allow the Holy Spirit heal my spirit and straighten out my theology.

The third stage of my journey with Christ has been writing down the Tabernacles theology, in rough draft form, so that those that read may run with it.  It has taken another few years to download everything that I have felt valuable to this site in order to write this vision large.  Many people who read what I have written (by the Holy Spirit) do not actually understand the depth or breadth of these precepts.  Often times they are in such concentrated forms that unless they are revealed to a person or they are taken apart by another and fed in bits to those who hear them, they simply are too much to handle all at once.  I recognize that and I get it.  Thankfully, what is going on here is not a one man show.  I look forward to others breaking these few truths into pieces and feeding them the hungry masses as God gives the increase.

The fourth stage of this journey, which I am feeling led to do at this time, is that, if I am given the opportunity, I will establish a school of tabernacles in each of these continents:

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. Europe
  4. Asia
  5. Africa

These five training centers, I think, will be the “seeds of our Harvest.”  These places of refuge will be teaching communities that train and equip young men and women of God to spread the message of  “The Final Feast.”  Some will live their permanently but the majority will be trained and then sent out to deliver the message of the final feast to those of this generation who have ears to hear what His Spirit is saying.  Above all, our guiding principle will be, “Listen, Hear, and Obey on Time.” By allowing the Holy Spirit to be in control of our lives and our mission He will be free to do what He wants in and through us.

The theology of Tabernacles is not static. I pray that what I teach never become a dogma. It is designed to allow the Holy Spirit to mold and shape us as His needs require.  I am not so much interested in everyone believing exactly what I have written but I am hoping that people will use these truths as a starting point to be personally led by God into all truth.  I have no idea what people will morph into once the Holy Spirit gets a hold of them.  I just pray that God gives me and others the grace to accept what His Holy Spirit does in and through them.  I am fully convinced that we have little idea how radical the Holy Spirit really is or what lengths to which He will go that some might be saved. After all, God gave His only begotten son that some might be saved.

If I get a chance to carry out this fourth stage of my journey with God I think it will take the rest of my life.  I realize that these centers for Tabernacle learning will be only seeds sown in faith hoping that one day our Father will water and bring forth the increase.  I have no idea how far I will get and who will join me in this effort but what I do know is that “I have to try.”

At the end of my life I want to have my family intact and around me. I also want to know that the truth God has handed me was planted in fertile soil and at least see a few green leaves begin to sprout.  I want to see gardeners who are led by His Spirit tending them.  If I am very fortunate, I hope to see the beginnings of a harvest.

My life has been and continues to be  a strange one.  I have done literally nothing that seems right to the natural man.  Yet, I would have it no other way.  Following the Holy Spirit is so deep within me now that I can do little else.  It is an involuntary reflex. I am happiest when I know I am in His will no matter how different that “will” may look to others.

I challenge those who are looking for meaning in their lives to do the same.  Examine your life and take stock of where it is going. Are you doing what you feel deep down in your soul you were meant to do? I bid you, many others, to come follow the Holy Spirit too.  Do not let fear of making a mistake keep you from setting your foot upon the path of the Holy Spirit.  Trust God and step out in faith knowing that, if you stumble, He will there to steady you.  Plant your own seeds of faith and see what God will do with you too! Amen.