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Old Books, New LightOne night I woke up around 3 A.M.  I am usually a sound sleeper but for reasons I did not yet understand I felt wide awake.  Getting up, I threw on my bathrobe and walked out into our living room.  I have an easy chair nestled in a corner of the room next to a book case where I keep my favorite books.

I keep a collection of books on Christianity, Islam, travel, and many biographies of historical figures that I feel a kinship with.  However, my three favorite books are an old leather bound world history set that dates from the late 1800’s.  I found these volumes at an antique books store and fell in love with their pen and ink drawings.  I like world history anyway and so I ponied up the bucks and bought it.

The three volume set is quite a tome.  Each volume is 600 to 700 pages long. I have read through about half of it and though it is not totally historically accurate it is a good read.  On this night, as I sat in my easy chair it seemed that the air in the living room was somehow lighter.  In the past I have noticed that when the Holy Spirit is present my senses sharpen and this particular night my mind seemed unusually clear.  I felt that God wanted me to find something.

I stood up, looked at the history set, and God said, “Pick up the third volume and open it.”  As I held the aged leather in my hands I opened it and read the section heading of “Adamites.”  Intrigued, I sat down in my cushy chair and read the selection underneath that curious title.

Though history is sketchy, it seems that different groups loosely termed Adamites have sprung up  throughout the New Testament age.  Around 167 AD is the first time they are mentioned in the region of Ethiopia.  These groups have been mostly viewed as heretical and persecuted to extinction by the religious powers of their day.  It seems that these various groups of people have believed in one form or another that mankind is meant to return to the sinless perfection of the Garden of Eden and that such a state is possible to achieve here on Earth.

As I read on I wondered “Could these historical groups of people be the forerunners of the Tabernacle movement that I experienced?”  I read through the article and re-read it coming to the conclusion that the Tabernacles experience has indeed been trying to surface throughout much of church history.  Unfortunately, the move of God’s divine love has either derailed into excess and error or been brutally suppressed by the religious powers that be. To be sure, subsequent study has shown me that the historical record does not paint a pretty picture of those who are thought to be of this ilk.  However, judging by how the move that I experienced was maligned and denigrated those who historically disparage the Adamites could just be smearing them in similar fashion.

As I closed the book that night I felt like God had spoken and showed me something near and dear to His heart.  I understood by His Spirit that what I had tasted of Tabernacles is something that He has been trying to bring to His church for thousands of years.  Turning to that exact page, out of all of the pages of those three volumes, was surely a sign.  I am grateful that my Father spoke to me through that old history set and helped me to understand His will for my life in a deeper more meaningful way. I went back to bed and my sleep was very sweet.

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