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Revelations of Divine LoveIn my writings I sometimes speak of Divine Love.  I do so because Divine love is the “sign” of the coming move of Tabernacles just as speaking in tongues is the “sign” of the Pentecostal experience.  My intent in these articles is to help explain some aspects of this new move so as to provide a repository of counsel to those who begin to enter into this final feast.

Spirit led intimacy such as a “holy kiss” or what used to take place during “love feasts” in the first century is part of the manifestation of the Divine Love that will result from becoming one with God.  It is at this juncture that many people will reject what God is doing because they have been “pre-programmed” by the church and our society at large to reject and call unclean what God has deemed holy.  This will take place and many will fall away because of this but there are those who will search for the truth, as I did, and these writings are designed to help those faithful pilgrims progress.

Currently, because of fear of sin, the church has restricted any form of intimacy, no matter how slight, to within the bounds of marriage.  There are even churches that teach against hugging the opposite sex for fear of inappropriateness.  This is mans way of dealing with sin but this is not God’s way.  God’s way is to clean up our hearts so that we will not have to be concerned with our actions for they will flow from purity.  Thus, if one loves with a pure motive they would never do anything inappropriate because that desire is not in them.

Many have little idea of what I am writing about because they lack the experience I am talking about.  When they try to understand the words I say in the context of what they now know it does not quite fit although many things may sound alike.  This is to be expected and is not anyone’s fault but rather it is just a function of not having the same frame of reference.  This experience I have does not make me better or wiser than anyone else it just means that I was fortunate enough to be able to spy out the land before others. What it does do is give me an opportunity to say how wonderful the land is and that, with God’s help, we are well able to possess it.

The power of Divine Love is truly awesome.  It is beyond and above any earthly experience that is available to nab.  It is our inheritance.  However, at some point people will want to understand the wonderful thing that is happening to them.  This is why we need to talk about such things now so that when this inevitably takes place those who wish to understand it, as much as possible anyway, can have a place they can start to find some answers.

What I write about presupposes the Tabernacle experience.  If you attempt this type of liberty in the flesh without the leading of the Spirit it will be to your own destruction.  This is Spirit led liberty and not natural minded freedom (which is really anarchy.)  There is a big difference.  The love of the Spirit expressed by the Spirit has very definite boundaries set by that same Spirit.  If you are being led by the Spirit you literally cannot overstep the line that He draws in whatever situation you find yourself in.  The boundaries set by the natural man are always subject to their natural minds and thus when they desire to cross them their lusts will provide work-arounds and justifications for doing that which is unseemly.  Here is a truth,


“Never do what you find written in these essays unless you are sure that you are being led by the Holy Spirit.


True intimacy, as God originally created it to be, is much broader and deeper than what we have now.  It’s boundaries are fluid according to the law of the Spirit.  What is appropriate in one situation with a certain person does not necessarily apply to a different situation with another person.  You simply yield to the Spirit of God as you are led and leave it at that.  You cannot make a specific doctrine out of anything that happens to you because it may change as the Spirit leads the next time.  This is why I speak in generalities and not specifics when discussing the final feast.  There is no “method” to yielding to God except to do so and allow Him to lead and guide you, individually, at the time it happens.

When I speak of Spirit led intimacy I am not talking about sex outside of marriage.  God does not violate His word and adultery and fornication are still prohibited.  If God leads you to wish to fully express the love you have for each other then wed for the marriage bed is undefiled.  I have never known, nor do I believe, that the Spirit of God will lead anyone to have sex with someone they are not married too.

Spirit led intimacy falls far short of crossing the line into sexual foreplay and, in fact, Divine Love does not tend to arouse these types of feelings in those that experience it.  It is simply two people experiencing God together and through one another.  It is a holy, mature, and self sacrificial form of love that would never wish to do anything that could harm or compromise another.

Like any birth the result is more pleasant than the process.  The birth of this move, like the birth of Pentecost, will result in a lot of drama, excess, and tearing of what is now considered to be settled Christianity.  It is going to be messy, but that cannot be helped for it is the nature of the birth process to be so.  People will have ample opportunity to shipwreck if their hearts are not right before God.  However, the move of God that will be born in the saints that walk true to Him will be nothing less than the Man-child spoken of in chapter 12 of the book of Revelation.

I counsel you to learn what you can from these writings before the appointed time so that you will, as the very least, have some information to put to the experiences you may have.  In the end you will have to be led by His Spirit just as I was and, I am sure, will go well beyond the scope of what I say.  However, I know that when I was coming into the move of Divine Love I would have welcomed anyone who could have explain even a little of what was happening.  I am one of the few that survived intact through the move of Divine Love and I believe that if we could have know what I understand now many more could have been saved.

In conclusion,  I speak about Spirit led intimacy, not because I have some fascination with it, but rather because it is a fundamental component of the coming move of God.  To be forewarned is to be forearmed and to understand that this is going to take place, even in general, will help those who experience it accept and benefit from it.