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Poverty is a spirit and not simply a lack of having something.  I have been in East Africa many years and marveled at the fact that no matter how much money you give it usually does not have any lasting effect.  You can give the equivalent of a years wages to someone who is in poverty and in a few short weeks or even days the money you gave will be gone and they will be in exactly the same position as they were before.  Why is this so?  Why is there no lasting benefit from our generosity?

The fundamental reason that people who are in poverty tend to stay in poverty, no matter how much assistance they receive, is that their lack is caused by an evil spirit and their economic circumstances are symptom rather than the root of their problems.  Demons are the root cause of poverty and people must fight the “spirit” of poverty in order to overcome poverty.

Spirits of poverty crush the souls of those that they oppress because they cause people to always have too little no matter how much they recieve.  People oppressed by spirits of poverty find that even though they work hard and try to be smart with their money it is always too little.  Many people in Kenya simply give up and resort to stealing or other forms of immoral behavior to make ends meet.  The demons support such kinds of sin and so the spirit of poverty allows a certain amount of relief because they are gaining the damnation of the souls that turn to such evil.  However, no matter how much people steal it is never enough and they must continually steal more and more in order to feed that demonic spirit that drives them.  They become emissaries of the spirit of poverty because they must make others poor in order to have wealth.  They must oppress in order to have what they want and in the end they become the generators of need in others so that they can have what they desire.  This is currently what is happening in Kenya on a grand scale. It is a kleptocracy where those in power steal anything and everything they can get their hands on.

I have often wondered why people who steal never seem to be able to steal enough to satisfy themselves.  Some people literally embezzle, in third world countries, billions of dollars.  When despots are finally revealed those who investigate their thefts find incredible wealth hidden away in foreign bank accounts. Many of these wealthy people are old men or women who could never spend that much money in ten life times.  In a third world country it would be nearly impossible to even purchase what such money could buy.  The fact of the matter is that the spirit of poverty drives such thieves to accumulate wealth not for the sake of having enough but for the sake of producing more poverty.  Those that give themselves over to this type of sin are used by spirit of poverty to cause others to sin through taking everything away from them.  I have seen men and women, who want to serve God, do terrible things hoping to finally have enough for themselves and their children.  The spirit of poverty takes people legitimate desires, to care for and feed their children, and puts enormous pressure upon them to do evil that good may come of it.

So what is to be done with a spirit of poverty?  First of all we must recognize that demons that drive poverty exist and are real forces in our lives that must be dealt with.  If you cannot come to accept that there is a spiritual root cause for your poverty then you will only try to  fix the “effects’ of your need while that which generates it is left to fester.  Here are some practical ways to fight against the spirit of poverty.

1.  Pray that God will deliver you from a spirit of poverty.

It is important to ask God to deliver you from these types of evil spirits.  There is power in the name of Jesus because when you rebuke such spirits in His name God listens to you as though His son were asking.  This is the first step in any deliverance.

2.  Repent of your sin.

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  It is a myth that poverty makes people humble and righteous.  In fact the opposite is true: poverty breeds all kinds of sin and many resort to pride in order to mask the deep insecurities that extreme need creates.  In order to become free of such spirits you must remove the sin in your life that gives the demonic spirits license to be there in the first place.  If you have stolen restore those things you have taken or if that is not possible at least resolve to steel no more.  Do not lie, cheat, and otherwise do bad things in order to make your way because when you align yourself with what the demons want they have a right to stay because you are doing their will.

3.  Clean up your home.

Demons love decay and corruption.  This is why you never see a clean slum.  Where there are spirits of poverty you will always encounter filth because that is the nature of foul and unclean spirits.  By simply cleaning up your dwelling place, by organizing and fixing your things, you deny the type of environment to the demons that like to live in.  When you do that they are more likely to leave.

4.  Give to God and others for generosity is the opposite of poverty.

Demons want you to feel and believe that you never have enough.  Therefore people who have a spirit of poverty tend to be misers of whatever little or much they have.  To reverse this type of mindset you must do the opposite of what the demons want.  Giving to God by tithing makes such spirits cringe because you are demonstrating that you have faith that God will take care of you.  Giving to others is proclaiming to the spiritual realm that you have more than enough for yourself.  Such actions of faith begin to break the spirit of poverty in your life by believing God more than you believe the evil spirits.

In conclusion, these are just a few of the ways to break the spirit or spirits of poverty in your life.  There are many other things you can do and if you ask the Holy Spirit He will lead and guide into ways that you can free yourself from want.  The important thing is to recognize that the symptoms of your circumstance are merely effects of something much deeper that you must confront and deal with through God.