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IQI really am tired of people who fancy themselves intellectual giants trying to bury a discussion in scripture.  An argument is not determined by the sheer weight of scripture but upon the how well the scripture supports what you say.

If you are analytical that is wonderful for you have a capacity and patience for detail and lots of it.  However, one scripture which speaks directly to a point is more powerful and of greater value than quoting many scriptures that “kind of sound like” what you are saying.

I am not trying to talk to people intellectually for it is through our intellects, our own reasoning, that mankind got into trouble in the first place.  I am trying to appeal to your spiriutal I.Q. through revelation.  Yes, I will quote scripture but only because of revelation and not because it is part of some systematic theology.

Our minds are God given and we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  However, our natural attributes are only profitable as we submit them to the Holy Spirit.  When we allow our natural abilities to be  yoked together with God’s supernatural flow we start to be made, once again, into His image and likeness.  Anything else is vanity.

The plain truth is that most of the time, when you are dealing with doctrinal error, you are not having a reasoned discussion anyway.  What you are really dealing with are fallen spirits that energize the heresy.  Therefore, to try to reason with a demon is fruitless if the person to whom you are speaking does not want to see the light.

We must be able to spiritually discern when a person is seeking after the truth and when they are merely delaying you and others from receiving the truth.  I have all day for someone who is honestly seeking God with their whole heart but I have little time for those who are enamored of their own intellectual luminescence.

It is sometimes difficult to simply say the truth.  People retort, “who are you to say such things” and accuse you of arrogance.  While pride is certainly something that one has to be careful of  stating reality is not prideful but simply being lucid.  Whether or not people accept what is said is up to them and the Holy Spirit.

We have to come to a place where we recognize what is true by revelation and not just what we can figure out by ourselves.  The real truths that we need to know come directly from God and cannot be arrived at through our natural minds.  However, once we accept the reality of what God shows us our minds can assist in helping us understand what we have been shown if they are yoked together with His Spirit.

My aim is to testify of the truth as it has been revealed to me.  I am pointing to spots where you can find spiritual gold if you want to put in the effort to dig for it.  Whatever truth you find must become yours to be effective and enrich your life. If you are so inclined, search the scriptures and see if the things I say have value.  Prove all things and hold fast that which is true. Allow the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, to lead and guide into the deep things of God.


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