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There are many things to change, that I am changing, making new. Give Me every last part of you and I will renew and restore it.  You will know and see the work I have done, it will seem impossible.

I carry and speak from every part of you and nothing is impossible to Me. I love My faithful beloved so much, I will grant them the desires of their heart.

Only My faithful beloved have pure true intentions. They serve no matter the cost.  I will send them and My Word will reach its destination.

Tell them I have heard. The Lord their God has heard as they have heard Me. My voice is plain they know it well. I have mercy, and Love you so deeply.   Let go of your fears and let Me Love you and embrace you in all things.

You are My beloved and I am yours. Let Me touch your every part and bring My Love and Kingdom to you. You are one in My Love and name.

My intimacy, My Love, My banqueting table, My feasting is what you need body, mind, and soul. Let go and let Me close, in everything. Do not see Me as the world sees Me, do not judge Me as the world judges Me, they are blind to the truth with the darkness of their hearts and minds.

Let go My Love and My Kingdom will expand so broad like you have never seen before in your heart. There is nothing to fear in Me or My Love, receive it.

I am pleased with all I see, I could not love you any more or any less, it is only yourself that does not see or feel that all. Let My intimacy bring you your freedom and restoration. Let this be My testimony so that people will know My hand in this world through My faithful beloved.

Do not be afraid, I will never harm you and have heard your every cry. I am angry with those that have harmed you and the work of the devil to keep you from Me. Let Me restore your life, bring beauty from ashes, make your bones alive.

Let Me embrace your every part and breathe My life into you. My Love and Spirit is everything and everywhere and brings you together as one in Me. Experience My true Love and the intimacy of the Lord your God, you are free indeed.

You have already felt and seen some of My Love and power, now fully give yourself to Me and you will see things, know things and depth you could never imagine.

You are My beauty and My beloved.