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Fire and smoke


No one, who is honest with themselves, can say  that their life compares favorably to even a fraction of what we read about in the book of Acts.  We are, at best, lukewarm and though we believe that such demonstrations of the Holy Spirit are possible our current lives simply do not compare.

The reason that we live a substandard Christian life is that we are not where God is right now in our minds or hearts.  We are living, by and large, where God was hundreds of years ago.  Most people are reformation saints that believe as they did in Martin Luther’s day. However God has moved on.  Some have journeyed on to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. However God has moved on from that too.  Now, God is hovering over the restoration of the spiritual experience of the Feast of Tabernacles.  This is where God is now.

When the Children of Israel were in the wilderness they found provision only when they followed the pillar of fire and smoke. Outside of where God was it was just a barren desert.  Inside of where God was there was shade in the day and light at night.  God supernaturally sustained them with manna from heaven.  Water came from rocks. Even their shoes never wore out. Everything that they really needed God gave to them only if they were where He decided to be.

Likewise, in our present day, God has chosen to be a certain place too. That place is the revelation of Tabernacles.  Unless you are there you will not see the power of the Holy Spirit at work in your life to the degree that is possible.

It is written,

“Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.”

Acts 7:51

The church has become the pharisees of this age.  Instead of searching for and welcoming God manifest in the flesh, they are resisting His Spirit once again and this is why our lives fall short of the glory of God.

Can you imagine that some Christians even make a doctrine out of the notion that “miracles have ceased?” How ludicrous is that.  They actually defend why they have no power with God instead of weeping in sack cloth and ashes because of it. Some have made their Christianity into a mere intellectual exercise devoid of the actual presence of God.

I ask you, “What are seeking?”  What is your motivation for reading this writing today? Are you really hoping to find God or are you just grazing mindlessly for tender blades of Bible knowledge to tickle your taste buds?

We need to know about the restoration of the Feast of Tabernacles so that we can be filled with God’s love.  God’s divine love is the only power that will keep us in the coming days ahead.  Without the nature of God coursing through our spiritual veins, far beyond what we are experiencing today, many will follow after the beast of Revelation and be deceived by his lying wonders.

We, as the body of Christ, are to be God manifest in the flesh to this generation.  This is the calling and this is the service that we are summon too.  This will not happen unless we yield to God’s Spirit and step out of our comfortable Christian lives in which we sleep. Those who profess to know God but deny the power thereof are well on their way to accepting the lawless one because they do not accept nor obey the true Law Giver.

I am here to tell you, by the Spirit of Almighty God, that we are in need of a radical change in our faith walk.  We are all in need of a change of heart towards the awful compromise that we call normative Christianity.  We must make the sacrifices necessary to go to be where God is so that we do not perish in the spiritual wilderness of this world.

In the book of Revelation it is the “tail” of the dragon that casts down a third of the stars of heaven. The great “falling away” comes through deception and without walking in the Spirit we will not see it coming.

This is why I write and this is why I warn.  I am a watchman on the wall and I do see it coming.  I cannot stand by and say nothing.  I cannot say comforting words to you when “Strong Delusion” is threatening to engulf, if it were possible, the very elect.

Wake up!  Wake up!  Wake up you who slumber at this midnight hour.  Your bridegroom is coming and you MUST make yourselves ready.  Sell all that you have and buy oil of the Holy Spirit because a supernatural darkness is descending upon this world and we will not be able to see without God’s divine light.

The truths, as revealed by the Holy Spirit in these writings are part of that light.  They can help you to see through the deception of the evil one if you will open you minds to what God is saying through them. I will not ever claim to be God as some cults do these days.  I will not claim to be some end time prophet to cause others to listen to what my Father is saying through me.  I simply say that you need to understand what God is doing right now that so you, personally, can know where He is and I am pointing to that place through the things I say.

You need to understand the message of Tabernacles to live.  Without knowing how to listen, hear, and obey on time you will not survive the coming deception but you will, because you still trust in your natural mind, wander after the beast, that man of sin, the son of perdition, the Antichrist.

Ask for wisdom from above.  Push yourself spiritually by yielding to His Holy Spirit even when it does not make sense. Say yes to God  and learn the precepts that are written herein to help you become part of the manifested sons of God.  Many will perish simply because, when they are forced to choose between what looks like God and what actually is God, they will not know the difference because they have never actually known God.  This is true word.  He who has ears to hear what the Spirit says to the generation, let him hear.


How can I apply this teaching to my life?  


The first step is humility.  Personally, I always assume that there is more to experience in God.  If there is I definitely want it. Likewise, and I say this with all sincerity, a great deal of what we have been taught is merely the traditions of man labeled doctrine and has little to do with the actual truth of scripture.

Pray and let God lead and guide you as to which essays to read.  As you look through the titles let the Holy Spirit help you decide.  If you read something that seems very different from what you have been taught simply consider what is said and ask God if it is truly His revelation.

Most of us have been conditioned to reject, very quickly, anything that seems different than the doctrine we know.  Often times we do not even consider it before round filing it in the trash bin of our mind. However, we must train ourselves to know when the Holy Spirit is speaking even if what He says does not make immediate sense. Only in this way will God be able to start to untangle the snarl of conflicting theology that clog our thoughts.

Lastly,  try to relax.  If you pick up a truth and it does not seem right no big deal.  Simply set it down and try another one as God leads. God is well able to help you to understand what is important and protect you from what is not.  Simply trust Him and He will lead and guide you.