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De español e india, produce mestizo (From a Sp...Social injustice is one of the most universal themes in the developing world. A few rule the many, the rich oppress the poor, and criminals take advantage of all. Some think that socialism is the answer to this unequal divide but that only leads to even greater bondage. Socialism guts the creative heart of men and surgically removes their drive to achieve. By taking one man’s hard won increase to give to another who did not work the motivation to achieve is lost. There is one truth about socialism that is correct, though, and that is that there is more than enough for everyone if people simply care enough to share.

The central problem with socialism is that it believes in the inherent goodness of mankind and that, if their is no need, their will be no conflict. If everything is evenly distributed then no one will have a reason for doing anything bad against their fellow human being. Unfortunately, due the mankind being, by nature, sinful there will always be conflict no matter how much everyone has.  It is also true that those who try to convince others to give them their gain so that they might distribute it to the poor often end up taking most of it for themselves.

The solution to the inequality found in areas such at South America is Divine Love. When you truly love each other, from your hearts, you cannot bear to see the person you love suffer. Mankind does not posses such love; only God does and He wishes to give it to those who ask for it. Just as God speaks through you when you yield your tongue to His Holy Spirit God wants to love through you when you yield your heart to His Divine Love. The love that can truly change the world can only come from above.

The need for Love is universal and it is desperate. People, the world over, want to be valued and respected for who they are. From the time we are infants most of us are loved and adored and thus each of us remembers what is was like to be fully accepted and cherished. God wishes to love the world through each and everyone one of us if we will allow Him to do so. Like a mother hen in a rain storm He wishes to gather those who are defenseless and vulnerable, protecting them from the storm that rages and keep them warm and safe. Socialism cannot do this because it lacks the heart to do so.

The Tabernacles movement in South America is the answer, the true answer, to social injustice. While socialism takes from those who have and forces them to give to those who don’t, Divine love, which is the sign of Tabernacles, compels people of their own free will to give to others selflessly. You do not have to mandate charity because there is no way you could prevent brethren from meeting the needs of others because they feel God’s love for them.

People who are hardened by life have no defense against the love of God. Once convinced of it’s reality they must have it. Like a man dying of thirst in a barren waistland who stumbles upon a pool of crystal clear water, short of killing him, there is nothing you could do to prevent him from drinking. So it will be with those of the Tabernacle movement who offer such rivers of living water to the South American people. Once they know it is available they will stampede to taste it. Like a space that devoid of air, once there is even the smallest opening, life giving oxygen will be drawn in until all are filled.

What is needed is for few to catch the vision and experience the reality of the Final Feast. There are those who have been searching for more of God because they hunger and thirst after righteousness. They pray without ceasing that God will show them the way to receive more of Him. If this has been your desire and your prayer then you have found the answer that you have been seeking. Know that the Final Feast, the Feast of Tabernacles and the sign of Divine Love is the answer to your prayers. It is the fountain of living waters that your soul has been craving. It is direct experience with God Himself because through yielding to Him you will become one with Him. This is the homecoming you instinctively knew was possible and is what you were meant to become.

In conclusion, I am but a signpost along the way hoping to direct you to the destination you so diligently seek. I cannot make the journey for you because you must reach the destination yourself. I encourage you to put your faith in God rather than socialism and in Diving Love rather than mankind’s inherent goodness. Let God control your life rather than other men for in doing so you will find true peace a prosperity of spirit from which will flow everything else you desire.