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I met Glade in a bar and he was sleeping in the back of his old Lincoln. I had an extra bedroom in a rental trailer, so I invited him to stay whenever he needed someplace to crash. Being Mormon, he was probably impressed with me always saying grace before a meal, even though at the time I was a boozing, drug taking, long-haired, guitar picking electrician.

In one of the most striking examples of God’s agape love I’ve ever experienced, Glade helped me out in a very unexpected way.  When I needed to leave town with my girlfriend (now my wife), Glade loaned me his old Lincoln.  I was stunned, because that car was the only transportation he had at the time.  My friend just said, “go on up to Flagstaff and I’ll come get it when I need it.”


In God’s timing


A few months later, without having any recent contact with each other, in God’s perfect timing, Glade called and said he was coming to pick up his old Lincoln. Amazingly, that was the exact same day I managed to get another car running and again had transportation myself.

I only knew Glade about 6-8 weeks before he loaned me his car.  People just don’t do that kinda thing in bad neighborhoods in cities like Las Vegas (at least they didn’t when I was in my twenties!). When I had no family ties in Nevada whatsoever to rely on, God’s love came through to me from Glade in the most unexpected way.

I don’t know where Glade is now, or if he is even still with us, but I will never forget him for that act of kindness and trust that he showed me that day.  May God bless him.