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The Danger of Saftey
There are a lot of people talking about safety these days. In fact, The media bombards us with messages about safety all the time. It seems like we live in a constant state of “the next thing to fear.”

Even in Christian circles, people talk a lot about being “safe.”  Safe from sin, safe from false doctrine, safe from the world etc.  In fact, there is almost a “culture of safety” that permeates many churches and their people which promotes never doing anything “unsafe” at all.

The danger of safety is that, when we focus so too much on being safe we may neglect or refuse to do anything risky at all. If we are so safe that we will not obey God’s still small voice then the devil has won and God’s will is frustrated.

Is being safe in “this” world really the goal of our God?  And what type of safety are we talking about here?  Are we thinking safety as the absence of all danger?  Or are we talking about safety as Jesus defines it which is, “pick up your cross and follow me?”

I would like to state that there is nothing “safe” about being a Christian as it pertains to the world in which we live. In fact, only one of the 12 apostles died a natural death. Everyone else, including the apostle Paul was martyred.  The truth is that anyone who obeys God fully will encounter some opposition.

It is written,

‘Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”

2 timothy 3:12

Therefore, safety is not the norm for Christians and, in fact, if there is no persecution of any kind in your life it is questionable if you are living for God at all. This is because if you follow the Holy Spirit you will always find that you are against the world because the world is against the Holy Spirit.

Paul said,

“If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”

Romans 12:18

So, we don’t go looking for a fight.  It is just that if we live godly in Christ Jesus the fight will come to us.  When the world wants us to go along to get along we simply won’t if their way is not God’s way. Therefore, it should not be surprising when we are compassed on every side by troubles and sometimes have to fight for our very lives.

The only true safety we have is in God. That safety is our salvation. We have been graciously saved from a fate literally worse than death. Everything else is small potatoes compared to that.

Having said all that let me finish with this: God does want us to be blessed and if we are it is not a sin.  Some, who are very sensitive to God and want to live a life that is pleasing to Him, worry if their lives are going “too” good.  They look at all the apostles and early Christians went through and wonder if they are doing “enough” for God and that, if they are, why are the not experiencing persecution?

Never seek persecution but always simply try to live up to your full potential in Christ.  Learn to hear and obey the Holy Spirit and if opposition comes don’t be surprised.  There is lots of persecution of Christians in the world today but it is not happening everywhere all the time. Persecution is just plain tough and not something we ever want to go through if we can avoid it while still doing exactly what God wants.

If you have peace and blessing in your life thank God for it. Ask and pray that your Father in heaven will give you strength to be strong in Him if you ever have to face difficult consequences for standing firm in your faith.

Avoid the danger of safety by being willing, at anytime, anyplace, or with anyone, to obey God rather than man no matter if it is safe to do so or not.  In that way you will be counted worthy to be called a Christian.