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This is certainly not an exhaustive list and your list, of course, may differ.


10.  Tabernacle Love cured me of Legalism


9.   Tabernacle Love taught me to obey God rather than man


8.   Tabernacle Love taught me what 1 Corinthians 13 really meant


7.   Through the experience of Tabernacles Imarried my lovely wife who

       has been with me of over 24 years now.


6.   The Tabernacle experience opened up my understanding in the

       scriptures in new and exciting ways.


5.   Tabernacle Love allowed me to forgive everybody and love anybody


4.   Tabernacle Love led me to Africa where God has saved many, filled

       many with His Holy Spirit, Healed many, and delivered many.  Many

       orphans have found a home too.


3.   Tabernacle Love taught me how to view things as God views things

       and how not to put my natural mind above His heavenly wisdom.


2.   Tabernacle Love allowed me to be used to heal people’s hearts in ways

       that I never thought possible


And the top reason that I love the spiritual fulfillment of Tabernacles is:


1.   I found out that God was more wonderful in person than I had ever


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