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This Women is Happy Using Her Spiritual Gift!


There is an example I use in Kenya to illustrate the need for believers to use their spiritual gifts.  Many farm on small plots of land and they use hoes like the one shown above to till the soil.  I explain that many Christians are like a farmer trying to dig their garden with their bare hands while a nice new, shinny hoe sits unused beside them.  With their hands, they dig and dig and dig but accomplish little. Grabbing handfuls of soil the farmer complains that preparing the garden for their crops is such difficult work. Lamenting that their finger nails get broken, their backs ache, they are getting nowhere fast.

When I tell people this they laugh and think the person who is digging their farm with their hands seems silly.  They think to themselves, “why not simply pick up the new hoe and use it so that the work will go faster?”  It is obvious for them that by simply using the tool that they already possess it will make the work much easier.

Then I say,


“if you can see that the person with the hoe should use it to make their life easier why don’t you pick up the gift that God has given you to make your Christian life easier?”


For many the supernatural life is something that “happens” to them. Victims of circumstance, though they claim to be children of the Most High, they live like beggars in the streets of this world.  They dig the soil of God’s vineyard with their bare hands as their spiritual fingernails crack and fingers bleed.  They wipe the sweat from their brow as their back aches.  They suffer lack because they get so little done while right beside them lays a nice shiny new spiritual gift that God gave them a long time ago.

My advice to everyone that reads this essay is to as follow,


“Stop digging with your hands and pick up the spiritual gift that God has given you and use it.” 


It is the most amazing thing to me to see people who are obviously gifted prophets, or have the word of knowledge, or the gift of miracles, prophesy, discernment, helps, administrations etc. etc. digging with their hands in the soil of this life while their spiritual gifting sits beside them doing practically nothing. Some do this because they believe that they have no control over the situation either.  It is as if they expect that spiritual tool that God has given them to reise up and force itself into their hands and make them use it.

Here is the truth,


“When God gives you a gift it is for you to use however you see fit whenever you need to use it.”


People often treat their spiritual gift as something that happens to them once in a great while.  However, the reality is that they can use their spiritual gifts for whatever they need whenever they need it.  It is just that many assume that their gifting are something they have no control over and so they wait until their gift “just happens.” It is true, that sometimes the need is so great that God simply takes over and makes you use your gift inspite yourself but they truth is that you are free to use your spiritual hoe to dig up your garden any time you please.

There is a type of  “false” humility born out of fear that sometimes plagues people concerning spiritual gifts too.  They say to themselves “who am I” to assume that I have or can sue such a power of God.  Or, The say to themselves and others,  that their gift is “holy” and from God therefore I can only use it when the Holy Spirit moves upon me. That is simply balderdash.  What they are really saying is that they fear to take responsibility for their spiritual gifting and are uncomfortable about how people will view them if they use it too often.  Listen, the kingdom of God is more important then your insecurities or self doubt.  Also, living a vibrant and successful Christian life is more productive for you and for everyone else than living in ineffectiveness.

Moreover, we need to connect with each other and share our gifts. Out gifts are not meant to be kept to ourselves and sit on the self at home.  God gives gifts to men each according to His wisdom and the needs of His body.  No one person has all they need to be successful in God.  That is why there is the body of Christ.  It is written,

But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.  Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men.”

Ephesians 4:7,8

Note the word “every” in that verse above. Everyone has been given grace and through that grace “gifts.” I dare say there is no one “gift-less” in the body of Christ.

Unfortunately, we all suffer greatly because we do not pick up our gifts and use them.  Some of this is due to lack of knowledge about how to use our gifts and some of this is due to our inherent fear of standing out in the crowd because of our gifts. Either which way, in order to live a productive life in the garden of God we must learn to use what God gave us and not worry if people who don’t use their gifts look askance at us when we do.

In conclusion, pick up your  spiritual hoe and get to work.  Take up your spiritual gift and start to use it for yours and other peoples benefit.  It makes no sense for us to be struggling in this world when we have been given the means to be more than conquers through Christ Jesus who saved us.  If you are wondering if you have a gift or what to do with it simply ask me.  My gifting is to arrange other peoples giftings in their own lives and within the body of Christ.  I can tell you, in very short order, if you have a gift and how to use it for you benefit and for the benefit of others.  It is a win win situations for all of us if everyone starts to pick up their giftings and use them as often as possible for the kingdom of God.