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This is the script used as a base to do this video…the majority of what is spoken is written below, however there are parts which were added in as I went along.  I have posted the script to assist none hearing or hearing impaired brothers and sisters to be able to follow on.

LORD, draw us to You, so very close into Your Holy of Holies. Let us tabernacle with You in and through Your Divine Love and Spirit always. Let us hear, see, feel Your guidance, glory, presence and hear Your words. LORD let Your True Love rain down on us, and wash through our souls, bringing us refreshment, renewal and restoration…

Open your eyes to see His kingdom…

Your hearts to hold His kingdom…

Your minds to receive His kingdom…

Your ears to hear His kingdom…

Your tongues to speak of His kingdom.

Be one in mind and in spirit…you are the one Body of Christ, working together with Christ as your head. God’s Love is our heart

Eph 5

Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

Romans 8

14 For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. 15 The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship.  And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” 16 The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. 17 Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ

Some of the titles that the Bible gives you as a born again believer of Jesus Christ.

Walking in the way of love…Followers of the way…Children of the light… Sons and daughters of God…Child of God…Ambassadors for Christ…Christian…Brother…Saint…Disciple…Beloved…Friend…Abraham’s offspring…Children of the promise…Holy People…Chosen People…Kingdom’s heirs

God’s Rhema word should never be made less or less relevant than Scripture. Through the Rhema word, revelation all things were spoken into being. The Rhema is the spoken word from heaven, our revelation. The bible is a part of that Rhema, however not all that Rhema. All Rhema works together and substantiates the rest of it, no Rhema discounts any other Rhema, because it is pure undefiled Word from heaven.

When you are a spirit led Christian, you walk in revelation, hearing the Rhema Word directing you through the Holy Spirit. This is no different to how people in the bible were directed by God…through whatever form or gifting people have from God.

Gifts and the Spirit of God that are yours, that dwells in you, living in your temple, do not induce or give you fear, weakness and captivity! They bring you love, strength and freedom as a son or daughter of Abba Father!

It is important to get the clarity or the understanding of whom it is that actually operates these gifts we possess. We assume ‘it is us’, or can do, but more so the part that is ‘you’ in the gifts is submission. Submitting to allowing God to use you for others and even self.

You are given something that God Himself will manifest and use through you, so again your basically a conduit with the gifts.

To quote Michael: ”Deliverance is not a function of us but a function of the authority that Jesus has given us to use his name. We are nothing but Jesus is everything and when we tell the demons to leave in Jesus name they must obey.”

See we are ‘ambassadors’ for God, that we are part of the government of God, as such what comes with that is authority. How we are to be light bringers to people, bringing the gospel of peace, love and reconciliation. To accomplish such things, there is a necessity, not a possibility but a necessity to operate with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to be effective ambassadors for God.

We should be walking in the revelation of God, more than walking in the Bible of God. This is a striking thing to say. People have made the Bible their idol and their God, instead of using it as a stepping stone to God, the author. It is the Word of God, it isn’t the Word of God in its entirety – there is a distinction with that. To deny the very real working of God through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit today, is beyond foolishness.

I spoke before and said…

There is a reason for Pentecost … There is a reason for the Holy Spirit… There is a reason for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit… There is a reason for the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

These too are stepping stones, to not only when you are reaching out to others, but to when you are receiving God’s Divine Love and Peace, Tabernacling with Him in your secret place, the holy of holies. Which leads me onto Emmanuel.

I spoke the other day and said: God is Spirit, God is Love we are as vessels and temples of His Holy Spirit to be filled with His Spirit and Love, then the world will have Emmanuel with them wherever you go. Be as One with each other in the Body of Christ, through the bonding of His Spirit and Divine Love…. God’s Love will always be a salve to those you come across, because it is what draws people no matter what their walk of life is, because it is soul reaching. Amen.

Emmanuel, God is with us…is God in our midst, dwelling in us, through His Holy Spirit.

We are a temple of the Holy Spirit and God is Spirit, and God is Love. So we are to be filled with His Spirit and Love. This creates God’s glory within us, His light. We are not to hide this light under a bushel we are to set it out on the hill for all to see!

This Divine Love, God’s Spirit is what you bring to people who are hurting, rejected, our brother’s and sister’s to unify the Body of Christ.

Emmanuel, God with us…we are brought to Divine revelation (Holy Spirit, Rhema – Pure Word of God) we embrace all that He has for us with His Love. This opens our spiritual eyes, hearts, minds to His perfect Love and Word.

There is nothing that stains or slants that, or makes it imperfect, only the perfect would be at His table. It also has me thinking of how we have approach to God in Ephesians, through Christ. We have reconciliation, (2 Cor 5) and this is our ministry to the world … bringing God’s Divine Love and Revelation, to the lost, hurting, rejected and dejected … with Emmanuel in us.

It is ALL through Him who loves us, who strengthens us and guides our ways … Christ is always the head.

We eat of the banqueting table, and take that to ‘the world’ as Jesus ate from it and brought it to the world.

This does NOT make us Jesus, this makes us His followers, as sons and daughters of God.

In essence, we are then bringing the lost to the banqueting table, or yielding to God with us, Emmanuel in us, drawing all men to our Father in heaven.

Ministry of Reconciliation, being Ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor 5)

This does NOT mean we are Christ reincarnated.

This does NOT mean we are God incarnate.

This means, we are all willing vessels of our Father in heaven, to carry on the work that Jesus started. He had to leave so we could do the ‘greater things’. When Jesus was here on this earth, He could only do His work in the place where He was. When He went back to our Father, it meant that He could live in us all, and no longer is the liberating light and love of Him, restricted to the one place. It shines out in each and every place we are, as sons and daughters of God, around the entire world. We are children of God.

Jesus came to show you the way. You are to be followers of the way.

He is the Way, the Truth and the Life (Light) … no one can come to the Father EXCEPT through Him.

Matthew 24:23-25

“Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before.”

Be mindful NOT to elevate yourself to the head of the Body of the Church – the Body of Christ.

Christ is the head of the Church always. NO MAN or WOMAN, can take that place, do not be deceived.

God will not suffer such impostors, beware lest such pride will bring about a mighty fall.

We do ALL things THROUGH Him who strengthens us.

We cannot boast of being the head of the Ecclesia in such ways.

Taking God’s honor away from Him, by putting yourself on the throne is a grave mistake.

Ephesians shows you how you have approach to the throne ~ through Christ.

We are children of God … We are NOT or is anyone else, God incarnate.

We are vessels for God … So He can be Emmanuel in this world.

We are not Emmanuel … We are servants of Emmanuel!

You are Christ’s Ambassadors … NOT Christ Himself!

I am repeating some of what i have written about in the past, there is a need for it, more so there is a falsehood rising through the lands and nations of the world…there are people raising themselves up as Christ. Christ has not returned. If he had i would not be here speaking to you today. The rapture is very real for you brothers and sisters, born again. You are waiting for the rapture. No matter what falsehood rallies against this truth, this truth stands and God will testify to that, it is prophesied, read Joel chapters 1-3…Zechariah, revelations …many places. Jesus will return and reign over the entire earth, there He will reign as the one and only King…in His Domain….Kingdom

There is no fear around you when you are in the presence of God, because as Scripture says…Perfect Love drives out fear.

Where God is, there is no enemy Where God is, there is safety Where God is, there is protection Where God is, there is peace Where God is, there is love Where God is, there is unity Where God is, there is light Where God is, there is life Where God is, there is faith Where God is, there is hope Where God is, there is brethren Where God is, there is rest Where God is, there is surrender

Jesus is the central theme where the Holy Spirit is concerned. You eat the ‘fruit’ of this tree and the gifts which are borne from above, which help to feed the flock in building one another up. The stayability factor in it all, is the fact you are rooted in Jesus, whom is rooted through all things. He descended before He ascended as to fill the whole universe.

If you heart faith is in Him, then it stands to reason He will lead you into Truth, because you are being fed by Him, taking from the Tree of Life. Seek and you will find, ask and you will receive, knock and the door WILL be opened to you. I stand with God and His promises.

God reaches out to people through people, hence their hearts being the hub, or home to God in them…You are a temple of the Holy Spirit.

People need wisdom in their lives, not understanding and knowledge, need wisdom. Proverbs tells you the fruit of a wise man is like eating from the Tree of Life. Speak life and freedom into your lives, and other people’s lives.

Don’t be allergic to embracing the Love and Spirit of God … nothing to fear, its how it should always have been. That way you can do what scripture says and bring the Love of God to others

Follow Jesus, He is the Good Shepherd, and leads you out of all darkness and into the Light and Love of God. Dwell and Tabernacle with God’s Love and with your brothers and sisters in Christ. He dwells amongst His children through His Love, through all His children. Like Jesus said, if you have seen me, you have seen the Father (John 14:9). The same is with all of God’s children, being light and love carriers of God, being conduits, people should see and experience God through one another.

Whether we can fathom it in our mind is irrelevant, in our spirits we are all connected, connected by the universal Love of our Father.

This is God’s kingdom on earth, this is the kingdom of God within you, this is God in the now and not something you are waiting on to happen.

Out of the mouths shows a man’s heart, and the kingdom of God is within your midst. Prepare ye a way for the Lord, for He is here amongst His people. In the wilderness prepare ye a way for the Lord. Tabernacle with Your God, with each other experience His Divine Love, reach out to those who are needy, hurt, rejected and lost…bring God’s healing Love to them and all you meet.

If we all learn to be led by God’s Spirit, we will have unity, because God is NOT divided.

Be one in mind and in spirit…you are the one Body of Christ, working together with Christ as your head. God’s Love is our heart.

Gods intimacy … how He brings people close and shows or expresses His love to His children and how you know when something like that is Godly, because it simply ‘just is at it is’ without it being considered inappropriate.

Sometimes churches can make something of God into something it is not and put limitations on that, and turn something Good into Evil with a rash judgement or word in the eyes and minds of ‘men’.

Hugs in the Lord are good aren’t they, been thinking on such things this last couple of days, Gods intimacy. How He brings people close and shows or expresses His love to His children.

Thinking on the God is Spirit and God is Love and we are to be filled with His Spirit and Love. This is effectively Emmanuel with us individually. It is God with us, in us that we take to the lonely, the rejected the hurting, the disenchanted with society and church and it is ‘Emmanuel’ with us that people receive from us. God would have us express His Divine Love and Peace to them, that would be in a way that is exactly what they are needing. The pure Divine Love of God would serve the other person not the ‘vessel’, therefore would never be inappropriate, even if in the common world it may be.

For example, things like, some churches do not even allow a man to hug a woman etc…yet if you was to come upon someone in need of emotional support that way, God would simply have you hold that person until their pain had lifted. This is right, and yet ‘man’ can make that something wrong. I think God has me thinking on such things because it grieves Him that even His own churches do not allow Him to express Himself fully and openly to His children. They are not being effective for Him to the world to the extent they should be. Often expressing what is Good as Evil.

Ultimately we are Ambassadors for Christ, we are vessels for Emmanuel … we are NOT Ambassadors for mans interpretation of God.

It has ended up where God is to a large extent, removed from a personal level of being able to reach out to others. Churches have become more about self serving, as in they are all good doing the worship, crying out to God, telling Him how wonderful He is, yet to actually ‘be still and know that He is God’ and let God lead a service, I do not see to a large extent.

People seem to have got to a stage of finding it difficult to just ‘receive’ from worry of being wrong and branded.

Well i am saying to you today, that no matter how someone is in need, God will provide for that need through His Divine Love…and we as vessels for God…who is Spirit and Love, and we are to be filled with His Love and Spirit….will be used by God to deal with that need of someone. Remove yourselves from the boxes you are used to being in, and be open to God using you anywhere, anytime, anything, anyone, anyhow for His Good and Purpose.

So when you emanate Jesus, through being open to God using you as a vessel or a conduit to His Spirit, Love and Peace, you too will be leading captives free…moreover Jesus is still leading captives free THROUGH you.

Be willing vessels, brothers and sisters in Christ.