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God calls to us in the midst of war


There is a war going on.  A war for our very souls.  It is time to join God’s army.  Become a soldier of the light. Fight the good fight of faith. In our day and age many seem numb to the truth. There is so much stuff coming at us that we want to do is find a quiet place to catch our breath and think. The information age is perhaps creating more real ignorance than the dark ages.


Who can know right from wrong?


How does one determine right from wrong, good from evil, better from worse, and truth from lies?  Most people subscribe to a form of relativism where there are no hard and fast answers to anything.  Everything is a shade of grey and they do not believe that truth is absolute any longer. However, I believe that good is good and evil is evil and that one can know the difference.

The truth is that only God can correctly judge between evil and good.  Only our Father has the perfect knowledge require to know right from wrong in an absolute way.  Therefore, only through listening to and trusting His voice can we know the truth.


The origins of the war


We are all involved in a war that started before this creation.  This conflict is over the fate of Satan and his demons.  As part of this struggle, Satan tempted Adam and Eve to sin just as he did. Thus, fallen Lucifer put God in the impossible position of having to damn mankind along with the Satan and his fallen angels.

In order to solve this problem, God chose to send His son Jesus Christ to die in our place for our sins.  In dying for our sins He paid the price that we owed God.  Now, if we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior we can be forgiven by our Father for our sin.


The consequence of war


Hell was created as a punishment for angels who rebelled against God.  They are eternal beings and that is why hell is eternal.  We are caught up in that war and if we follow Satan, ignoring the gift of salvation, we suffer the same punishment.

Actual truth can only be known by the Holy Spirit.  Apart from the Holy Spirit there is no truth. Therefore, those who reject what the Holy Spirit says cannot know truth.  This is why we must live by revelation and not by what seems right to our own minds.  When we believe what we know, instead of Who we know, we are blinded by reason.


Seeing through the fog of war


I write what God reveals, not what I study.  I simply say whatever the Holy Spirit drops into my mind and trust His wisdom from above.  People who approach what I write from a natural minded viewpoint will never truly understand what I say. This is significant because in the near future events are going to take place that seem good when, in fact, they are evil.  The Antichrist is about to make his debut on the world stage and he does not appear with horns. Many, who only look after the natural will embrace him as their savior. Christians who say that they love Jesus will accept him too because he will “fit” their vision of what Christ is.

In the midst of this stron Strong Delusion, what will make the difference whether you accept or reject the Beast is Strong Revelation.  Listening to the Spirit of God and believing His voice more than your natural mind saves you.  Others, who believe only what they understand, follow after the Antichrist and are lost forever.


The nature of this war is Strong Delusion


People protest these words, saying “no way, I am not deceived” are decieved already. Believers are generally naive about what Strong Delusion is.  It is the tail of the Dragon that sweeps a third of the stars of heaven to the Earth. In other words,the great falling away is an unexpected deception that ruins many.  We already live in Strong Delusion and most of us know it not except for a general awareness that things are not right.  What we consider normal is actually the Antichrist spirit preparing the world to recieve that man of sin. This decpetion only seems right to us because we have never known anything else.


Against the fall of night


In the end, no man or woman makes heaven their home, because doing what God asks is “reasonable”. Our Father commands that we accept Christ and everything He says by Faith and not by sight.  In fact, if it seems “reasonable” to you it is probably not of God.

Finally, God says “if you will seek Me with your whole heart you shall find Me”.  The reason you are here reading this essay to the end is that you are seeking truth. You want to know what is right and how to serve God in Spirit as well as truth.  If you desire to know Strong Revelation these writings can and will help you know the way. Get as much oil of the Holy Spirit as you can, we are up against the fall of night.