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How You Can HelpThe third reformation is based upon the restoration of the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles. This restoration has to do with becoming “one with God” and the spiritual experience of this move is “Divine Love” – which is just another way of saying “God manifest in the flesh.”

For a deeper understanding of this you can take a look under the heading “The Tabernacles Movement” on this website.

The first step, that I could use some help with, is to articulate the vision as clearly as possible. I am receiving the revelation and writing it down as fast as I can, but getting it in shape for public consumption is a lot of work and I lack some of the expertise to do so effectively. Some examples of practical areas are,

1. Grammar, punctuation, and other technical aspects of English.
2. Search engine optimization (and tag the site)
3. Social media to promote the message
4. Making short 3 minute videos to post on the site and on YouTube
5. The general design and back end of the website

How you can helpOnce the message is articulated as clearly as possible then we need to start teaching it in person. This means setting up opportunities to get the message out to the common people. If you have the ability or contacts in your local areas to set up Final Feast meetings then that will help to allow people to learn about this restored experience.


After that I wish to establish 5 schools of tabernacles. I have one started in Africa but the rest wHow You Can Helpill be in the USA, Europe, Asia (most likely Mongolia), and South America. These will be centers were people can come short term to learn about the Tabernacle experience.

This is what I desire help with.

God bless,

Michael King