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Hand reaching for the sky


“As true prophets, we have to try, defeat is only inevitable if we do nothing.”


There is a vast amount of inertia built up within the Christian Church.  Just like Newton’s first law of motion the direction of the church will not change unless an external force is applied to it.  This is why God sets apart true prophets.  Unless God sends someone from outside the “status quo” the direction of His people  will not change.

Many believers are often lulled into the more comfortable notion that they can remain in a particular denomination and change it from within.  However, because they are carried forward by the same spiritual momentum  as everyone else they ultimately  do little good.

This is why most true prophets are outside the normative church.  In order to be of any use to God they cannot work from within.  Those God sends to reform are those God first sets apart.  John the Baptist is a prime example of this type of godly separation.  It was necessary for him to be in the wilderness so that He could hear God without being dragged down with the rest of Israel that was heading for destruction.  Here is a truth,


“In order to be a solution you cannot be part of the problem.”

Contrary to what many church leaders teach God does separate true prophets for a time bringing them into places of spiritual solitude so that He can fashion them into agents of change.  Church leadership does not understand such callings because to them,  being part of  the group,  is the sum total of their world.  Often times they are so blinded by their need to preserve what they have built that even if a true prophets thunders  “it is not of God!” they will protect the status quo with a fury born of hell.

However large the monolith of the church might seem, if you are called to be a true prophet of change, you have to try.  Your ability to change that which seems immovable rests not in your own talents but rather in the still small voice of the Father which speaks from within you.  One word spoken by a true prophet at the right time to the right person in the right way is more powerful than ten thousand  sermons preached by those who do not heed God’s voice.

As true prophets our main responsibility is to lift up the rod of God has given us in the sight of the people.  Whichever rod you have been given simply lift it up and  God will honor His word and change will surely come.

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